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Hi there all you good peoples!!

Can anyone advise what sort of pillow works best for people with advanced COPD...stage four!! Of course we are all different and what may work for one may not work for another. But I thought I would put this question out there. You were so helpful last time.

I was nearly going to purchase a surround sound pillow...cotton (which I love, not polyester...my hair is falling out!! I think mainly due to hereditary!but not happy Jan!!) But this pillow was filled with feather down! and I think I researched this as not being good for copd survivors!! So of course I did not purchase it.

If anyone can assist I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks all, in anticipation!! and keep on breathing well, or as well as you can!

All the best,

Jules aka Juliette001

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I have a memory foam pillow from Dreams, the bed company, with a more solid neck band attached to a softer standard pillow shape. This helps me with arthritic back and neck problems as well as breathing. I can prop the pillow part up against the bedhead to raise it a little while it still supports the curve of my neck.

My daughter suggested I get a wedge shape foam pillow she works as a Carer and has seen these used for people with copd /chest issues so I’m going to have a look on eBay 😊

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Plumbob in reply to cales

My wife got me one a year ago and I find it eases a bit of discomfort/ pressure on my back !!

Take Care


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Mornin Juliette reading your post I saw the sound surround pillow and thought for a second or two it had built in speakers like the telly speakers lol but then realised it was meaning to surround you so you can sleep better and be comfortable .... It is sunday after all i hope you find something suitable for your comfort and sleep better when it arrives ....i have a duck down feather which I replace very often every 3 months or so ...i just love the comfort of them and always sleep well x Angie

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Juliette011 in reply to Hidden

I hope I provided you with a bit of laugh with the surround sound ...lol...yes that was the name, without the sound!!...Interested to read you have a duck down feather...and good tip to replace...and you have no problems with this? So I think i might go ahead with the feather down one. The picture although it says surround is not one of the curvy numbers, but your regular size and look of a pillow. But many thanks...Helping me work it out!

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stamford1234 in reply to Hidden

ha ha!

Hello Jules. I bought some memory foam pillows a couple of months ago and I love them. Most comfortable pillows I've ever had. I hope that you find something that works for you. XXX

Jules,my pillow is often replaced by my cat,they are equally comfortable but the pillow tends to keep still for longer and is easier to keep clean.Hope you get lots of hints and tips from folk on here....................skis and memory foam cat x

You have an amazingly adaptable cat Ski's - regards to Scruff.

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skischool in reply to Magpuss

Thanks magpuss.i hope you did not think i was being flippant Jules,i also have stage 4 Emphysema but different things work differently for folks,For me a low firmish pillow is fine and i would prefer that to sitting more upright.good luck in your search for greater comfort.............skis

Yes I agree...I too don't like sleeping bolt upright!!

I love your cat!!

I've heard such bad things about the chemicals they use in the memory foam pillows. Any thoughts on this? Chemicals and I aren't a good mix x

Yes I too have heard of this....I think it comes back to having a good pillow protector and cover to possibly counteract against any negatives the memory foam can give off!! I do still have one...but with a good protector and quality cotton cover...seems no drama.

Regarding chemicals...hell, try and keep away from them!! But like with a cotton pillow cover it now probably was made from a gmo cotton, which again is not good! So...the manufactures of so many industries all trying to make money at the expensive of peoples health...makes me ANGRY!! You only have to look at the heart problems in America Britain Australia...all a high incidence of CHD..due to the diet. You look at Japan...the best! and Italy both have low incidence of CHD...again due to the diet. So.....!!! I better stop now!!

Thanks heaps though .... stay well, breath well and I will give the chemicle issue a little more thought!

Take a look at the Dunlopillow range. Expensive but very good. I have COPD/Emphysema.

Cheers for this...I had not heard of this mob and will look it up in due course. All the very best.

Hello Jules. I managed to find zip closure under-pillowslips treated to keep some allergens and similar contained. Mine came from John Lewis.

Wishing you well 🙂.

Judith xx

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Juliette011 in reply to Judith41

Yes i had thought of this too....but many thanks.

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Juliette011 in reply to Judith41

but hadn't heard of John Lewis....I will look into this too....I am down under, here in Oz so may not be available. but many thanks...All the very best.

Thanks heaps to all for your suggestions and providing me with some quality laugh out loud momentos. All the very best. I will now look into a cat!! not!! and maybe a wedge...although have tried that...!! Have tried trying to sleep bolt up right for a few months...but my sleep was less than it is when I am lying lower!! ..who knows why !! But I had not heard of Dunlopillow mob and will look into this too.

But hearing people have managed without any hassle, with a feather down type pillow situation and no complaint...but a good tip to change every three months or so is a dam good idea!!

Best of happy breathing to you all lovelies...Stay well and ENJOY

My hair was falling out in frightening handfulls, not into bald patches but just thinning from the roots. I thought it was too much Vit A which can cause it, but I don't think so. Anyway I started using Plantur 39 Shampoo and Tonic and I can see new growth already. I think it may have been stress related, not really sure. Certainly worth a try if hair loss is a worry. A silk pillow case is supposed to be good for hair, it sounds a bit decadent though! Good luck with finding a suitable pillow

Thank you so much. Yes I have purchased a mulberry silk pillow case, which is lovely and I think it is helping. And yes I have bought that Plantur product, but I just don't have the energy to use it. I think you have to use it daily, do you? But I appreciate your response. Many thanks and best wishes to you and yours.

I use the "tonic" on the days I don't shampoo my hair, and if I feel like it. I just dribble a bit around my hair line and in my case that area on the top then run my fingers through. Vitamin A can cause hair loss I don't know if you take it. regards

I purchased a wedge shaped pillow and I have a memory foam pillow on top of that which is shaped to fit the curve of the neck and I have found it a lot better position for sleeping as it raises you up and my breathing has been a lot easier. I don't know if it would work for you but just thought I would throw the idea into the mix as I was quite a while before I found what worked for me. Hope that you can find something that will work for you. Best wishes. xx

Many thanks Snackjack....Yes I have a few pillows now, so am now sleeping a bit higher and yes it does help. Thanks again....All the best to you and yours. cheers

I’ve always bought talalay natural latex pillows. Spendy if you by a quality one. Worth every penny in my opinion. I have an adjustable bed too.

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Juliette011 in reply to Maricopa

that is interesting. I will look into those. Many thanks ....best wishes

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