Lung Diease & Swirling Mitochondria

Lung Diease & Swirling Mitochondria

Well what dose it mean WELL question is what do doctors see in our sputom.

Are they looking for bacteriea or swiriling mitochondria.

I guess the answer would be yes AS swiriling mitochondria in lung dieased sputom could indicate oxidive stress and free radicals ' bottom right' of picture.

Is what i belive to be free radicals oxidive stress and pesky swirling mitochondria.

Something i wish i never knew or looked up BUT its cause is hyperoxia abd think c oxidise activaty.

Quite grim but no secret as have been unwell very breathless and did have to start my emergancy antibiotics coz of silant infection OR could been airway blockage from lung debris coughthed up.

Would be intresting to find out of doctors or even blf what do they know about swirling mitochondria and lung disease.

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  • Wishing you well JAS and hope you feel better soon. I don’t have a clue about swirling mitochondria but hopefully some medical professional will.

    Take care xxxx

  • Hi Sassy cheers wish iwas reading researching as healthy person BUT cant change cards delt.

    Is quite glum but is as intresting really .. as to medical profesionals WELL am glad a never held my breath.

    Going to ask my lung doctor about them when i see him.

  • Jeff i would hopefully anticipate that the BLF leave the observation of swirling mitochondria and other pools of nastiness to other research establishments and concentrate on the more practical and helpful issues that aid our everyday living.I am sure somebody on this site will come up with something prettier for you to observe under your microscope,especially before lunch.........regards skis

  • Hi well your quite wrong as Lung Diease & Swirling Mitochondria.

    Is where any cure is going to come from if you had done just a tad of research you would have seen intrest there is as to patholagy of lung dieases and Swirling Mitochondria

    We all have diffrent intrest ITs just mine are scianctific

  • I tend to concentrate my research on more practical life saving issues around lung disease,such as LVR,valves and coils and other procedures that will give immediate relief to existing sufferers going about their everyday lives but as you say each to their own particular fields of interests.........skis and mucus free cat.

  • Like you say each to the own

  • Specific signatures of mitochondrial dysfunction that are associated with disease pathogenesis and/or progression are becoming increasingly important. You may have seen this article:

  • Hi MrsMummy Is great link have read quite a bit WELL made me ill really but am not as bad as was..

    I had a look under microscope and Swirling Mitochondria seen in picture was nothing to free radicals i had seen.

    It took some researching to identify those Swirling Mitochondria but glad i did.

    As to tissue well that still remains unidentifed.

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