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BLF TV advert

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Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news! Our brand new TV advert is live!

It’s appearing regularly during the day, on national channels such as ITV3 and More4. You can view the advert here:

We are asking people to consider leaving a gift in their will to the BLF. This special way of giving plays a hugely important role in our fight against lung disease and nearly a third of our income already comes from this special form of giving.

If you have any questions or if you’d like more information please do get in touch with the BLF legacy team on 0300 303 3564 or via email - there's also information you can order or download from here:

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


BLF Admin

2 Replies

I have seen the advert a few times it's brilliant, let's hope it opens people's eyes to those who it affects. Xx Bernadette


Hi Ben, I saw it yesterday and as I wasn't expecting it, was really gobsmacked. I thought the first half was particularly effective because it was graphic and explicit enough to give a true picture of severe lung disease.

I hope it encourages lots of people to leave legacies to BLF.

Great job, well done to all concerned.

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