I took pictures with my tablet,Im so computer illeterat that i though you had to stay inside where wi fi was,lol. My son gave to me a year ago,so I tried my picture today! I will be for sure taking pictures of my sons dog Emma,pugle. She comes to visit now and then we sit outside together. Im going to try to have her over mid october before all the other dr apts. I have pictures of her on tablet but idk how yo show them??? Hope everyone has a nice day or evening its 1215 in afternoon here. Going to go do my thing outside!

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Enjoy your afternoon with the lovely dog. Xxxx

I dont have her today not till next month :(


When you write a post there is a option to Add Photo.

Click on Add Photo and select from the options,

iPad options are.

Take photo or video

Photo library

Selecting photo library will take you to your photos, select the image and it will appear in your post, may take awhile if happy continue with post and post when ready.


It worked Stone!

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