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emergancy addmission

I have just had my second emergency admission.

I didn't know I was ill, I started being sick in the night then next thing an ambulance is there paramedics getting me off floor straight to the hospital.When I went to bed I was fine woke up shivering couldn't get warm then started being sick next thing I was passing out spent some time on floor till I could wake my husband.I was in hospital 4 days then home with hospital at home 3 times a day for iv antibiotics.I have bronchiectasis diagnosed a year a ago this is my third stay in hospital this year.It worries me that i have no warning that I'm

going to be ill or need to see the Dr.Hazel

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Hope you soon feel better I have same problem I don't know when I have An infection ,I was admitted to hospital with oral thrush and was told I had chest infection I was in a month because my oxygen levels were up and down

Take care



Hi 1smokey

So sorry you are having these problems. You might want to check out my reply to thecodger as his wife and your experiences are similar.

In 69 years of bronch I have not had sickness and passing out but we are all different. I hope they are looking into the reason why.

I hope that you too have a respiratory consultant with a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis, believe me it makes a difference to your care.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask - no question is silly if it is concerning you - there will always be someone who has bronchiectasis who will be happy to reply.

Love cx

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The old codger is my husband.i am under a consultant at one hospital but they can't see my records as i always get admitted to different hospital i have inhaled antibiotics every day just finished hospital at home three times a day IV antibiotics.I am being transferred to the hospital that i always end up in so they can have my records makes sense if i'm going to be spending time there.After the first time in hospital, i went to my own gp he gave me two weeks oral antibiotics said hospital should have done it.hazel xxx


Good to hear from you Hazel. Glad to hear your GP is on the ball. Agree it does make more sense to be where they have your records.

Best wishes



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