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tightness in the chest area - shortness of breath

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for the past 2 years i have been feeling tightness in the chest area (from the diaphram to the lungs) its causeing me to not function in everydays task at work/house, feeling very weak all the time and the feeling gets really worse when i am doing physical activity (even after 10 minutes walk i am starting to have problems breathing and have to sit down and it takes hours for that horrible feeling to pass ) the main symptomes are - trouble breathing, tightness in the chest area , weakness, sometimes a little nuasia (i do not have asthma) the feeling gets worse after i am eating and in hit.

the saturation is ok. a little bit low blood pressure, but still normal. the Iron levels are fine.

thank you

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You need to see your doctor for help and treatment. Nobody on here is qualified to offer a diagnosis.

Good luck to you. X

I agree with Sassy, you need to see your GP. It sounds as if it could be serious.

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If you have been having your pain for 2 years or more sounds like you should have seen a doctor by now...do you have a lung condition already diagnosed as your description can be any number of things ..see your GP and get checked over for your own peace of mind and health xxx

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