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Reinke's Edema

Well went seen doctor about acid and reflux O and antibiotics told him next time try killing me the going to have to give me my antibody injections given immunity issues befoure i touch any more antacids wile on antiibotics.

Thats when he HIt me with Reinke's Edema diagnosis.

Clearly its not all about smoking as acid reflux and antibiotics play there part too.

Thats with out immunity issues.

What i do know is i got this from infection that took three lots of antibiotics to clear

I have ldecisions to make and was told to tell my lung doctor about test undergoing given Reinke's Edema dx when i see them.

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Oh JAS what next l wonder? Hope you get help with this new dx. Xxx


Hi sassy hope this nout next AM just hoping be viral infection.

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Hi I also have reinke oedema. In my case most likely from.smoking. I've had it over a year and can hardly speak. Got my 2nd ent appt next month. I was given omeprazole but it didn't make any difference so not gastric in my case. Was told I might need a small op to deal with it but will find out in october.

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Hi was reading doctors to keen to blame smoking WAS reading few post on throyide site and this loads never smoked and have it.

Guess main thing is to make sure doctors give you good check up.

Hope yours is better or not as bad as can be horrendous


I'm interested in a thyroid connection as I have under active thyroid! Mine is pretty bad unfortunately can hardly speak at all! X

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Hi from stuff read thyroid issues could would cause it EVEN virus immunity issues.

I think mines virus immunity AS can be ok one min then bad next

How why n the wonder why we smoke.

Sorry to read you have it bad IS pits for sure


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