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I'm feeling really well but....

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I'm having trouble speaking, I occasionally take Omeprazole and Carbocisteine, it's embarrassing but sounds a lot worse than it feels. People ask if I have a sore throat, I don't, my son said I ought not to talk so much as I seem to have difficulty, I think he just wants me to stop talking! I have a small amount of mucus and a little cough helps that. I rinse after taking medications. I don't get breathless when I speak. Because I feel so well from all the good advise from you all and PR and exercising this is a very minor problem just a bit concerned I might lose my voice altogether. Would welcome any advise please. Lilian xxxxx

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Hubby is the same but his problem is breathing more so. Gets fatigued if visitors come round and he has to talk. Are you inhaling you medication incorrectly? as it can hit the back of your throat and build up so your not getting all the medication.

Ask your respiratory nurse they will help. They can send one of the team round to your house if needed. They will sort you out

All the best.

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Lilian226 in reply to Csimm452

Thank you C. I do try to inhale correctly, they taught us that at PR and I then rinse. I'm sorry your husband gets tired with visitors but I do understand that. I feel as though I have to take a back seat with visitors now, not what I'm used to, but at least someone else can get a word in!! In this area there is no way anyone would come to the house, saying that, I am quite able to go to surgery if I can get an appointment. I see the Resp. nurse yearly. I hope you are well and your husband gets all the hep he needs. Lilian xxxx

Is the Omeprazole controlling the reflux? If not it can have an effect on the throat/voice.

Not quite sure Mrs M. I have the occasional bout of acid reflux and the Omeprazole seems to sort it out. The problem seems to be a small amount of mucus in the throat which causes the difficulty speaking, especially on the 'phone funnily enough. I feel a hundred times better than I did at the beginning of the year for which I am very grateful. This really is just a little niggle. Hope you are well Mrs. M. Lilian xxxxxx

You could try a spacer for your inhalers, and a salt pipe. These might help.

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Lilian226 in reply to Ergendl

I do use a spacer for my Ventolin, have been reading the posts about salt pipes, which do you think is the best Ergendl.? Lilian xxxxx

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Ergendl in reply to Lilian226

I bought a ceramic Himalaya salt pipe from Amazon which is easy to use.

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Lilian226 in reply to Ergendl

Hi Ergendl, my pipe came today, very pleased with it so far. Not too sure how to use it. Instructions say 15 mins per session. Do you take the pipe out when exhaling or keep it in the mouth for the whole 15 mins? Lilian xxxxxx

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Ergendl in reply to Lilian226

The instructions on mine say to take it out when you exhale. That stops the salt crystals getting damp and clogged together.


I too have a voice problem, I croak at people. Have been to ENT and have been put on a steam inhaler (Available for £3.00 'ish from Amazon medisure) then follow with voice exercises. Croaking getting better but still sound a bit weird if it is ever played back.

Follow the above & get a steam inhaler, try for an appointment with GP or specialist, I don't think you will loose your voice but rest it when you can.


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Lilian226 in reply to lKeith

I replied to you lKeith a few hours ago, I wonder if I forgot to press 'send'? Anyway, I have a steam inhaler, I haven't used it since last year so I will get it out. Lilian xxxxxx

Maybe caused by your inhalers. Which are they/how long have you been on them?

I thought that soulsaver, I am on Incruse Ellipta, Relvar Ellipta and Ventolin. The first 2 I have been on for nearly a year. The Ventolin over 10 years. I haven't taken the Relvar for a couple of days, it's the steroid one, as my breathing at the mo is quite good and it might give my throat a rest. Thank you for replying. Lilian xxxxxx

Hi Graham, I hadn't taken carbocisteine for a few months, didn't have any mucus then I started having this talking problem so have started taking it again and seems to be helping, I've also ordered a clay pipe which was recommended by a knowledgeable person on our forum. I take the mucus tablets twice a day, that's all I need. In the great scheme of things my problem is very minor, at the moment I'm lucky. (fingers crossed). I've also stopped taking my steroid inhaler in case it was that causing the trouble. As and when was my decision not the doctors, if I had a lot of mucus I would take them regularly, I find them very beneficial when I have a chest infection. Are you having problems with your throat or is it chest mucus? Thank you for your reply. Lilian xxxxxx

I hope your cold clears up Graham and you don't have to resort to AB's and steroids but if you do you do! Do you suffer much from chest infections. I had pneumonia from Nov of last year until march of this year, like everyone else I felt so ill. DX with copd about over 10 years ago, just suffered uphill breathlessness, a couple of years ago started with the odd chest infection and 2 lots of pneumonia. I now feel relatively fit breathing not too bad, always take Ventolin morning and night. I may be wrong but I would prefer to take other meds when I have an infection, I don't want my body to get used to them so that when I do need them they are less effective. As I said, I may be wrong. Stopping the steroid inhaler has made no difference at all to my breathing. I hope this makes sense to you. If I really needed them I would take them. I'm stage 3/4. Exercise helps me very much. PR was excellent. Have you been to PR? What is your biggest concern Graham? Lilian xxxxxxx

You are doing so well Graham, I expect your exercise regime is helping you tremendously, I know it helps me. You are right about complacency, I feel a little like that now because I've been infection free for a few months I can relax on my medication, but never relax on exercise. I've asked my family to have flu jabs but how do you avoid catching their colds. How can you ask people not to come if they have a cold without sounding paranoid? When I have had a cold the infection usually follows very shortly after, so, hopefully, your cold is going to bypass your chest. Have a nice weekend and keep well wrapped up!! Lilian xxxxxxx

Try taking your omephrazole every day. Acid reflux can damage the throat making you cough and sound husky. It can also cause post nasal drip and has been linked to conditions such as IPF. I take mine everyday for similar reasons and may need to up it to twice a day

Thank you for your reply, after taking the mucus tablets for the past few day my voice sounds a lot more normal, I have also just bought a salt pipe which I think will also be helpful. You know a lot about a lot of things, I know very little about anything. I hope you're feeling better. Lilian xxxxx

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