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Still feeling rough

Hi I'm new so hope you can bare with me ,I have been told by my Dr that I have COPD after having a chest X-ray at local hospital I was getting really bad breathing after just walking up stairs I was a smoker just over 10 yrs ago I never smoked many though when I did smoke a 20 pack lasted me over a week I use a lot of cleaning products though in my job I'm a domestic help any way I was given salamis reliever and told to use it when every I need to as only had early stages of copd + Eklira Genuair

I had a exacerbation in back end June and I was not to Bad still managed to go to work and carry on with some normality ,,,,my nurse gave me antibiotics steroids and changed my dry powder inhaler (Eklira ) to Anoro I have been on my holidays abroad and caught a head cold which started with sore throat managed to get some antibiotics over there and steroids which I have taken till getting home as I felt so I'll and struggleing to breath and coughing nothing up hardly ,,I have been to walking centre and they gave me more meds and put me on nebulisers and told me to go Drs next day dr took temp tested my oxygen levels and told me to go back Tuesday to be checked again I wasn't so bad yesterday but feel rough on getting up this morning ,,,feeling a bit sorry for my self today haven't really stoped coughing for long today yet 🙁

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From my experience I can tell you that is highly probably you got this ill from the gases of cleaning products, some of them contain even sulfuric acids, they destroy the lungs within months or even days. I know many people that lightly smoked like you, they never developed COPD or any pulmonary problems, some of them dyed over 80 from illness not related at all with smoking, my father dyed at 76 from a very rare cancer related to digestive organ, smoked lightly for many years. COPD usually attacks heavy smokers 2 and 3 packs a day from 10 years most of often


We understand. Getting down is normal at times and you'll lift out of it, and keeping in touch here is remarkable. We all go through some similar experiences emotionally as well as physically, and it's nice and secure to have your peeps here for you. Just an addition to family and peers, but wonderful all the same. Welcome to our house, become a regular, and visit often .

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