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Pulmonary Embolism

Hi everyone. Hope you are all staying positive.

I was rushed into a&e last week and after a ct scan was diagnosed with a blood clot on one of my lungs. I was put on blood -thinning medication.

At the moment I am very short of breath whenever I try to walk a few yards and cannot currently do things that I managed with ease a couple of weeks ago.

I am wondering how long it is liable to be before I start to feel better or is this my lot from now on. Some information from somebody who has experienced this would be much appreciated.

Keep your chins up!!!!

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Morning Geronimo.

First I must emphasise that the vast majority of people who get PEs make a complete recovery. Only about 2% have lasting damage. So the stats are on your side. Bodies are brilliant at leaping into clot-busting mode. I assume it was idiopathic? Or was there a cause? There should be rigorous follow up, And you may need to be proactive if you are still breathless. Not easy to say how long. I kept saying I was breathless and got vague noises like "Oh, it can take a few weeks/months..." in retrospect I was fobbed off and should have had more investigations. Have you had an Echocardiogram? This would show if the blockages caused by the clots were pushing the blood to back up into your right heart, which can result in Pulmonary Hypertension.

But please re-read my first sentence.

It is rare not to recover.

All the best


P.S. PM me if you would like to know more.


Cecilia had exactly the same experience with a PE and Katinka has described to an absolute T how you will probably progress and what should be done in terms of investigation re its causes.i am afraid you will probably have to push for these investigations as often physicians are oft inclined to do nothing.Good luck with your recovery...................skis x


Hope you're better soon Geronimo x


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