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So what I''m thinking is maybe we are here to teach athletes how to save energy, We demonstrate, quite admirably might I add, the essence, the breadth if you will, of air management. l/We know when to ration, when to spoil oneself, and even a cheat of extra sometimes regardless of and ignoring the consequences. One short whiff, 4 quick puffs. The sports world must listen, gain in-spira-tion from us. At least my team here in Carolina should on the field of play.

Speaking of the home base, this island in a sea of rednecks we say in this town. Quite quaint for a large city. Good amount of crime, good amount of good. Great for BBQ, biscuits, cupcakes, alehouses, grits (???, what the ell are those), horsemeat burgers (ha, just kidding on that one), banks, and a multitude of every possible greasy fast food you don't want to visit. But of course I do when the spirit moves me,knowing the doc and scale and wife will all whine.

Maybe the weather is miserably hot at times, like in summer which goes from March to November before a short but brutal ice and wind season. Then the bugs and fist sized mosquitoes and 6 foot copperheads that are sometimes just rat snakes or old branches, the 95* heat (yes, we are still arrogantly fahrenheit;Bradbury did it 451 times) and the humidity lathering the face and crotch ten minutes after the third shower of the day. Great for those with issues with the lung balloons, but great for kids, dogs, and those greasy fast food joints that sell cold beverages. Perhaps the beach was great for me last month, though something did something to my energy and sleep and mood. Maybe it was that silly exacerbation thing that creeps in to spoil things the way this last sentence tried to do, but begone you horned demi-devil and leave us to the smiles we all give one another; Breathing as one, laughing at the spouses still enjoying a smoke on the patio as we write, and the smile and acceptance of knowing she has the right because she can and I wont because i can't. I pray the smoke reeper dare not speak to those I love, but I can't manage their lives. 'ell, I couldn't handle my own come to think about it. You know, I think Ill let you all manage it cuz you seem to make me joyful and full of joy. I awaken and put off the reading you till I return from teaching silly, spoiled diddoes all day, and know I love them regardless because I won't tell them or the boss that I can't lecture as long without the hoarse running in, cough spitting out, knowledge that I can't wait to get home with my laptop to touch base with my peeps. Gotta watch it, though, cuz wife can't feel neglected so I dine first, walk the hounds for exercise (mine, not theirs), then log on when she sneaks out for a smokey.

And I'm in joy enjoying you and sending tears and hope and hugs and curse words and dreams that every one of you lived in this tree-laden, snake infested, shiny, glassy, friendly town with a football team that MUST win, and a silly racism by both and all sides flaring up way too often till the football team wins, and then we are all brothers and sisters and break biscuits and grits together while roasting horseburgers (couldn't resist).

Funny how you all are faceless, raceless, bad breath-less, judgeless. It's nice and real and Godlike and, well, it's special... Like I've never known come to think of it.

So, you all are asleep, except the crackheads, and I send you good dreams, c-paps, and minimal night trips to the potty. Be well, and the top of the day as well as the best of the rest to you.

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  • Very well articulated. Mellyme, have sweet dreams tonight.

    xx Meg

  • ...and you sleep warm and wonderfully.

  • If I may ask Mellyme, what part of the Carolinas are you? We, my husband and I travel through both, when we vacation. We are from Ohio. (Southeastern part!).



  • I am in Charlotte, straight down the I-77. I actually grew up in Akron.


    Oh how nice it would be to meet you and hubby.

  • Morning Meg and mellyme...we don't even need be across the pond to build friendships on this site ...i hope you guys do catch up together..i have met 2 couples from the site now and enjoyed the company of both ...i expect you guys are in bed now so sleep well and breathe easy Angie xxxxx

  • I am approximately 65 miles from North Canton, (shop there alot). Going North. 80 miles from Columbus, its east. We drive through Charlotte, on our way to the beach!!

    Is it not a small, beautiful world??

  • That's lovley and would be good to hear of your tales when you meet up with each other xxx

  • So you can visit the hall of fame? I have spent many a good time in metro Canton. Did you go to school in the Cleveland area? I did St. V-St. mary, then Walsh Jes. West Akron my roots. When shall you next travel?

    I've spent days in Sugar Creek. I know you must be a rabid Buckeye fan.

    More, more...

  • I just passed the Football Hall of Fame on Monday afternoon, you know they are remodeling and the stadium is enlarged, also. My husband went to undergrad at Walsh!!! And, got his JD from the Moritz College of Ohio State!!! One of his Walsh buddies flew around at all the major sporting events for many years, in the Goodyear Blimp!! He is still with Goodyear, in the a office, now. Big Buckeye well as the Walsh Cavaliers, and Kent State's Golden Flashes!!! We are hoping to vacation next spring, my husband had a bicep tendon tear which consisted of a surgery and six months of physical therapy, he is going to be released to golf on October 1st. Not the best spring and summer. Oh, we vacation in Hilton Head, as you know just about every vehicle from Ohio, and usually Portage, Summit, or Cuyahoga County!!!

    Gosh, I got carried away, my apologies.


    M eg

  • Apologies!!!!????????? OMG, for what? This is priceless. Summit County indeed, not far from Cuyahoga Falls. My high school days... I went to college in that rival town of rusty Pittsburgh, at Carnegie-Mellon. Always hated that town for its disdain for our little area. Burning steel is not much better than our burning rubber. They didn't listen in Pittstown, just continued to laugh at my beloved Browns and Bengals. Ha, they've cleaned up quite a bit. Both places. But loyalty to my home means I can follow these Panthers, eh?

    Much to share. I truly miss the Amish diners off I-77 and I_-76. Not far from south of Canton. Fresh everything and sick-good fresh baked goods. Pumpkin bread (with the cream cheese filling), peach pie with an occasional pit, or cherry cobbler risking a cracked tooth. All worth it.

    But the winter months...ah, there's the rub. More soon...

  • Love your individual take on your home town, a very entertaining read.

  • xoxo

  • Mellyme,

    At long last i have drawn you out of your nest and forced you to put pen to paper in your own wonderful style.Move over Bill Bryson and Alistair Cooke your crowns have been stolen and we have a new champion who will unravel the mystique of home town America for our delights.Pray continue on a regular basis.Sleep well my friend and sending you love and best wishes to Mrs not fled the nest and household pets.........................skis and scruffy cat xxx

  • Dear skischool, have you no heart? Why not share that magic you sprinkle the 4 corners with. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Or when I get younger. Or whatthehellever (try googling that, won't exist...unless it does). Must walk the hounds. Had puddle one to clean upon home arrival. Beasts! More later...

  • What a very interesting post, I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you Mellyme. Lilian xxxxxx

  • thanks dear Lil

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