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Hospital reckons it's not a pneumothorax. On IV antibiotics. So will see what happens. Got a bit of a shock when I read the letter Doctor gave me for hospital saying I'm End stage obviously I knew things where bad. But still a shock thanks for all your kind messages will. Reply when can with franks web. Thank you Margaret

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That must have been a shock for you Margaret and l hope you get good care. Lots of love. Xxxxx

Hi sassy they have sent me home waiting for the rapid response nurse they are coming twice a day to make sure my sats stay up ah ah have to stay above 88 but they sent me home at 84 laughable love Margaret xxx

That sounds crazy to me Margaret! I hope your sats will stay up and wish you well.

Lots of love xxxxx

You and me Both sassy no logic to it. Xxxx

Be like me and prove them wrong !! Take Care Margaret


Try my Best Dorothy xx

So sorry you have to be in hospital again, Margaret, you must be so sick of the place. I hope the abs work and you are able to go home again soon. All love xx

Home now waiting for rapid response nurses hopefully things look up for a bit I'm so sick of the roller coaster love Margaret xx

Sorry to hear your in hospital again. Lets hope the Doctors wrong and you get home soon.

Thanks at home waiting for rapid response nurse sent me home with abs and steroids

People can live for years at so-called end stage Margaret. That's why it was re-named 'Very severe'. I know life is hard for you and you have a hell of a lot to deal with, but don't give up just because the doctor is not up to date with his terminology. We're all here for you. You take care, sending a hug, jean

Thanks Jean I was absoloutley shocked to the core to see that Doctor was so Blazey has to write such a thing on a prescription so hurtful when never had decency to speak to me thanks for support and hug x

Dreadful, he needs to get an education in people skills. He wouldn't like it if it happened to him. Glad you're back home Margaret.

Thinking of you Margaret Sam x

Thank you Sam x

Hi Margaret. Many on here have been 'end stage' or as it is more properly known, 'very severe' for years so don't let it get to you too much. I hope you will be feeling better soon. :)

Thanks been sent home abs and steroids again may be able to eat something now lol but seriously was such a shock seeing it just scrawled on a prescription not good practise 😷

It must have been and he should know better so you are right about it not being good practice. Just keep on getting better every time you are knocked back a little. It is what we do. x

Thanks Mrs M will Do my Best x

That's not a very nice shock Margaret, but guess the idea is to ease you into the truth. Of course you suspected all was not as it should be. Your main objective now is to keep yourself feeling as good as can be and enjoy each day as it comes and I am sure you will be keeping that community matron for a while yet. Every best wish and I hope to speak to you again soon xx

At home now Katie waiting for he rapid response nurse as for the community Matron not sure if will have to rerefer again hope not .I was really angry when I was waiting for her on Wednesday only to be told it was cancelled till next week .I need to find out if she will b coming I've had enough of being messed around xx

Totally agree with you Margaret, you should not have to be messed around, stay possitive and meet each day with optimism so you can live it as fully as you are able. You should receive all the help available to you, so enjoy yourself as best you can. Find some new things you can do in bed for the not so good days, you can go round the world on the computer with just one finger :) :) Bye for now, off to hairdressers myself enjoy your day xxx

Hope you pleased with your hairdo if I remember right you are away next week if that is so enjoy .We had been asked to go to Lytham st Anne's on Monday with Breathe easy if we had been able to go would have gone in our car couldn't manage coach and it would have taken about 3 hours drive then the stops the social side would have Been good for Frank But it's not to Be .Hope you have your chair Back or at least a eta for it .love Margaret xx

My hair is lovely Rachel did it as I got time mixed up. It is a pity you cannot go to Lytham it would have been good for you and Frank. Its lovely up there even at this time of year, but as you say it was not mean't to be. We are going to Windermere have to be in town at 6am on Monday for coach, taxis picking me up at 5.45 so should be there just after 6am. My chair came back yesterday all repaired so was able to use heat and massage last night. Things are coming together slowly. I am supposed to be at the older peoples life festival next Sunday but no email confirmations so far or mail from our boss so I will just have to turn up. Enjoy your day Margaret, not as sunny as predicted love Katexx

Glad you have your chair Back can sit Back in comfort now with your new hairdo hope it stays in well for you .Windermere is lovely hope weather stays dry and warm for you yes it is very dissapointing about Lytham especially has it was with Breatheeasy apparently they have a week away every year But I'm not holding my Breathe no pun intended as if I could lol. Of being able to go next time .have a lovely time looking forward to hearing about it when you Back home love Margaret xx

Will let you know how the holiday was when I get back, have a good week in the mean time Love Katie xx

I hope you've read all the positive comments people have made and are getting over the shock of seeing that on the letter. I still remember seeing COPD on a discharge letter from hospital and was shocked by that as no one had told me I had it. I thought it meant the end of life as I know it but I came on this site and was hugely encouraged by people's comments and experiences. I hope you'll get the help and support you should have from the medics and will go on for a good few years yet! xx Moy

Thanks moy it wasn't even a letter just scribbled on a prescription like a after thought waiting for rapid response nurse not sure ap.prox time what I thought was laughablee was they sending nurses to check my sats stay 88- 92. But sent me home at 84 xx

You couldn't make it up, could you?! Take care! xx Moy

Just wait till I update with latest farce xx

I reckon you could write a book by now! xx

I reckon you are right just think what more can be thrown at me xx

That must have upset you, but as lots of people have said you can go on for years. Keep fighting. Thinking of you x x

Thanks Shirley have to try and pull myself up xx

I think Drs should be really careful how they word things when they know it can be read by the patient. 26 years ago my youngest child was born. I was discharged from hospital the following day, along with the red baby book. She had a bit of a squashed head. The very young dr who had been looking after me wrote in the book 'genetic disorder, Treacher Collins, or may have been caused by steroid injection mother had in her back.' You can imagine how horrified I felt. It was a Saturday, the midwife who visited me hadn't heard of TC, and it was before the days of Google. I have never forgotten the horror I felt that I may have caused my daughter to have health problems!

They either don't think or don't care about how we have to deal with this information that has not been explained to us which I'm sure you know .I Don't know how to Deal with this information and it's at times like this talking to mMatron to help or try to help me cope with this I was expecting the Matron Wednesday But when Frank rang to see what time she was coming was told appointment cancelled because I'd been in hospital and was going to come on 27th now don't know if she will come then or will I have to be rereferred. It's so much stress and obviously we are not going away on Monday now love Margaret xxx

Keep your dobber up Margaret, And keep fighting!! Never Give up!! Kindest Regards, judg69

Thanks still waiting for rapid response I reckon they will come just as I get into aBed 😷

you have been treated horribly.

chin up Margaret and your extended family.

please do look after yourself and frank

all the best


Thanks yes it feels like neglect and it's not just from one source and nobody seems to be liason with each other for instance was told nurse coming today between 11-12 fine with me when she came said she had called at 9 but blinds were closed message had not been passesd to her by last nights nurse .I asked the nurse last night if she could find out if Matron would be coming on Wednesday she said she couldn't different department .I mentioned it to nurse today and she put it in her Diary and said she would find out for me on Monday and let me know just shows you .take care

Hope u feel better soon and thank you for the surport .x

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