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Vocial Clinic @ Local Hospital

Vocial Clinic @ Local Hospital

Well today recived letter asking me to go to my local hospital on 15 october and make my way to vocal clinic.

Guess am not going to nock out few tunes or try my hand at karaoke :O

Have busy time ahead on 27 sep am having barium swallow AND 28 seeing lung doctor.

Worn out allready ANYWAY doctor sent round some gut pills

Ranitidine & 2 big bottles of Gaviscon with instruction to take 1 pill twice a day AND gaviscon 2 spoonful 3 times aday.

Like really be nout left of my giblet's

Guess like other's WHEN i was baby raiding fridge of everything .. I can say with confidence geting old and suffering lung disease WAS not what i wanted to be when i grew up.

I remember primery school looking over fence at people tenagers walking about thinking WISH i was bigger older.

NOW i wish i was younger :O

But anyway smog / fog was pretty fun EVEN tho tad akrid .. but what would i know i was just a baby ;)

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Great photos JAS and nice to look back sometimes. I hope your appointments go well. The doctors are keeping you busy.

Wishing you well. Xxxxxx


Hi sassy was inspired by researching BLF roots :)

Quite interesting really .. I just left school was doing yts as plumber IN early 80's

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Good morning Jeff, sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead. Me too but not at the hospital ect like you. Hope all goes smoothly and you get some answers. The photos are nice .

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Hi Katie did see ya post was going to reply but after reading it totaly forgot after being distracted.

I might of thought GOSH this is longest with out incident AND do you know if was at work would have day counter :)

Glad all is sort of well with renovations AND keep up the record

I think it be to see if stuff taking is now working HOW any one can be addicted to that Gaviscon would have to be mad as is rank and feels like it burns throat.

Yup pictures don't get any better lol


Morning Jeff, my mum used to swear by Gaviscon, but like you I think it tastes aweful. My husband had Oramorph much milder and could be used with a syringe to ease the swallowing. I've started painting the old fence it looks quite good, so should last till I can afford a new one next year. It will take me to next year to paint it :) :) but at least I try. Get a man to clean the stair carpet later in October, should not cost too much £50 to £80 maybe. Have to varnish stair wood plus paint hand rail outside edge of steps and garage wood trims these are the jobs that need doing every year . My neighbours are going to gravel all the rear entrance in a few weeks time, that's a mans job. Have a good day blue sky and sun here right now .


Thank you for posting pics, a nostalgic look back , sometimes good, sometimes not so . Hope all goes well , busy time ahead. Best wishes Diane

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Hi Diane think was feeling TAD nostalgic :) did cross my mind HOW's it all go horrable wrong.

But have no regrets really BUT might have one or TWO but on scale of things the not biggies really SO I live my life now with cards delt.

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