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Hello I have joined on behalf of my 77 year old father. He had pneumonia for weeks which then turned into emphyma ... apologies if that is spelt wrong. He recovered well enough to have a talc pleurdosis. My question is ... he was in hospital for ten weeks and lost two stone. He has been home with me for a fortnight and still has his flutter drain. Visits to the hospital confirm that he is going in the right direction and the bag should be removed soon, he has also been told there is no cancer. However he is so damned tired and weak. He is eating three tiny meals a day but has no appetite and prefers soft foods he has to be coached to excercise. I am just wondering if this us normal?

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Hi Sorry to hear of your troubles , I hope your father improves very soon. To help ease your worries I am 10 years his junior and I also was hospitalized with recently pneumonia . I have severe emphysema and after 3 months I still feel very weak and extremely tired most of the time ,I still have no appetite My respiratory nurse tells me that it can take 6 months or longer to recover but although it's a long time since I do feel a slight improvement. Plenty of rest , plenty of fluids, good nutritious diet and whatever exercise he can manage are all very important. With support, determination and time he will get there I think that there are plenty of others here that will tell you the same

Best wishes




I had a empyema and lung failure in 2008. I was in ICU for 32 days (12 days in coma) Once I went home I had lost 3 stone. It took me a further 5.5 months before I went back to work on a phased return.

So I am afraid it will not be a quick fix. It does take some time to get the eating habit back as the stomach does shrink. Make sure that plenty of fluids are been taken, But my tip is try not to drink an hour before a meal it can make you feel full.

You did not mention if he had a decortination for the empyema? If not then he may need to have AB and or steroids to help clear the lungs.

Get doctor to put your Father on a pulmonary rehab course!

BE Well

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Yes he had the decortination treatment. Today I feel much better the drain is out and dads attitude seems to have changed overnight. Sounds ridiculous but he had TWO poached eggs on toast for his tea tonight. That for me was a victory but he actually felt hungry and enjoyed his meal 😀He is due to go on the rehab course in about a month. Thanks for yours and everyone else's replies x


He will feel rough for some time I know I did I was on an Oscillator for 10 days Keep a Positive mental Attitude .


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