Breaking news

Breaking news

Official reports from Wythenshawe hospital confirm that skischools has no discernible lungs.Dazzling ct pictures indicate dark patches where lungs used to be,pictures not dissimilar to the old coal shed interiors that older members will remember from childhood days.

Empysema detected over all lung surfaces and even in trouser legs and shoes

Statistics reveal 21% of these dark lumps actually work and transfer small amounts of o2 to blood supply,though in essence they are imposters hiding behind rib cage

Rest of body appears to be intact and a human heart has been detected.

Initial indications are that lung volume reduction waste of time because what would be left would not sustain life,

skischools elected to be one of small band of uk guinea pigs,subject to multi disciplined team(seriously disciplined people)approval based on cost?and potentially have coil springs in lungs.

Minor relatively non invasive surgery with less problematic outcomes.

Skischool as a guinea pig will not have to enter wheel of perpetual motion or sleep in straw bed and may have better quality of life and lung function.

Watch this space for developments.

Scruffy cat seeks new owner

Love to all...................................skis

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Scruffy is happy that you will be able to keep feeding him!

he is a her and that's not guaranteed ,she is just hedging her bets lol x

Scruffy says 'don't ask, don't tell'!

Listen up, Ski- you have a lot of joy to continue spreading. You've been a beacon of light in my life, and I shine brighter off your reflection. If I could fly overseas I'd take scruffy till you can have her back. If they need another guinea this side of the pond..

BTW, checking out some of the new trial treatments over here. Most are scams and some not approved yet by FDA (though who the heck cares for approval when we want quality of life), so maybe we'll trade guinea cages...

Love you, brother, and keep in constant contact!

cheers my carolina mate,i am sure you are stalking me in the twilight hours but i love you for it,it's not really guinea pig stuff and has been around for a few years but hey ho if it helps what the heck.take care my chum............skis

Yes, I was tweeting at 3am, but you were snoring, no doubt, as you will be doing in moments. If not, you'd better get your sleep! Rest, my brother, mate, friend.Sleep well. :)

...and that detected heart is bountiful and contagious!

Gosh lungs and a heart,well we already knew you had the latter and it's a big one, and that the lungs were not at their best. Scruffy is not seeking a new owner she's just looking at you differently, now she's realised you are a Guinea pig you must be the biggest mouse type thing she's seen!

Seriously I have read some good things about coils and I'm sure others on here have had the procedure. As I am not far behind you percentage wise you can be my hero and go first.

Just keep an eye on scruffy and be ready if she starts licking her lips or stalking you.

Best wishes


Thank you lesley,and now well fed cat sends best wishes too x

Hoy Mr ...πŸ€—πŸ€—

Scruffy is not up for adoption by any means ...unless she comes south for a temporary foster home where she will be loved and looked after and given the occasional kick I know she likes lol

When you become a guinea pig you can be here on a temporary foster care package where you will be placed in a large plastic ball and left on the kitchen floor for scruffy to chase up and down just for fun and sport ...

A heart is inside sometimes when it's not swinging like a brick on a pendulum lol speak laters my lovley off to the gym xxx

enjoy your work out my scally mate,i would love to be adopted by you,then i could live in the land of perpetual sunshine and wander thru bootifull forests.i am not having my ball kicked around your kitchen though lol x

Well summed up, I remember looking at my own scan, it wasn't what I 'could' see that was disturbing but what I 'could not' see that was scary, it was that black empty void all the way down until the bottom of my lungs before anything showed up.

we had to clean out the coal fire as kids and spread the ashes in the garden,hopefully to make the roses grow stronger.Rather similar to the pattern of our own lives lol x.............skis

We were made to collect horse droppings or even better elephant droppings when the circus came to town. Happy days 😸

Just watch Scruffy, guinea pigs are seriously exciting prey! At least you have a heart, just keep it going until they identify your lungs again, they are probably hiding somewhere, perhaps they are shy. Thinking of you, and Scruffy, all the best xxx

thanks carnival,life in the old dog yet and plenty left in the cat lol x

Pleased to hear it!

Ah Scruffy doesn't mean it but could be a bit perturbed about invading Guinea pig.

Take care skis, stay strong, all rooting for you. Xxxx

thank you sassy,Scruffy would run a mile if she saw a guinea pig lol x

Ski's what are you thinking? Scruffy cat will NOT be looking for a new home, she'll be looking for the guinea pig to chase, pat, paw and lick - I would say 'wash' but it's more of a tenderising process really so best not leave her to get too hungry. Did the scan detect a larger than usual mirth muscle by any chance? I'd be very surprised if it was too small to spot - mind you, I suppose an unusually large heart 'might' just conceal it on the scan, but - not from us! Now, a word of advice - ditch those trousers, buy some new shoes and (just to be on the safe side) be especially kind to the cat. Love to you and Scruff's, take care xx

thanks Magpuss,Trousers at the dry cleaners,shoes at the cobblers scruffy caged and skischool at the bar having one for the road(not really) lol x

I am sure scruffy is not ready for a foster home yet, I love your attitude Bernadette 😳 xxx

So interesting Skis - Ive read that they won't put coils into lungs of people where the emphysema is all over. So evidently now they are doing so which means I might not be excluded any longer. I'd love to know where you are getting this done. Good luck with the procedure and let us know how you get on. And keep away from that straw, deeply allergenic. :)

O2trees,Much time to wait before MDT team give go ahead,I think Broncho type copd and inflamatory background rule them out,not sure about other ailments,no,also reflux type problems which is why i am going for Gastro investigations due to small residue detected in esophagos,also heart must be sound,gosh list appears to be endless,won't be this side of Xmas after we have been thru the list and overall it's down to cost verses benefit to me and society i believe.All straw now removed from house lol.If it ever gets done will be at Wythenshaw hospital x

Right, I didn't read carefully enough. So you're being assessed? Or is it just down to cost? If so that would be outrageous.

the mdt team which i believe consists of Consultant Thoracic Surgeon,chest physician,radiology and others will meet to determine if i am fit enough to have it done and if it is cost effective in terms of benefit to me and to the NHS so i believe .also lifestyle is taken into account so if i smoked or was clinically obese or i took drugs or was an alcoholic etc,etc i would almost automatically be ruled out.I only had the usual consultants 15 mins so more info i do not have my dear.Anything useful i find out i will of course pass on to others here.......skis and worried cat.

Definitely keep us informed skis, and in the meantime I'm sending some diazepam to keep Scruffy calm in these troubled times.

maybe i should take the diazepam?i put a nice guidelines link on a post this evening and i have also sent you a message advising of the link,it's about a year old and i have found other people on here who have seen similar things.there are also valves available but i was told they were not suitable for me.loads of stuff out there but relevant to individual conditions.,,,,,,,,cheers skis and sleeping cat x

Thanks skis and for message. That cat's only out of trouble when she's sleeping. (bit like me actually) x :)

What a great attitude you have. Hope all goes well and scruffy will be with you all the way!

Thank you dickinson1954.Attitude is as good as medicine sometimes ,x

Good luck hope everything goes well for you xx πŸ˜‰ love Bernadette

Thanks Bernadette,we will do our best if we get the wishes to you too x

Didn't have a clue to what this post was about until I read the replies.

We do like a bit of mystery and intrigue dogwork,but mainly we all like a bit of humour to overcome whatever life throws at us x

Same here dogwork lol πŸ˜‚

Hi Ski, because you always write with incisive wit ( or something like that ) :) , I'm not sure how seriously I should interpret this. It sounds awful and that lung function sounds much lower then I imagined you having. In short, I'm gutted for you but feel that this is not the kind of response you want. So all I can do is send love, support and optimism re the procedure. And no worries about Scruffs, I'll come and collect her if the little fiend keeps eluding me on this trip. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

BJ she is all yours,my scruffy little friend awaits you.Don't be gutted for me,like all life's battles i take it on the chin and crack on with sense of humour and anarchic attitude intact,you just keep entertaining me with your travelogues and i will be a happy chappy.........................skis and cat with bag xx

Deal ! BTW, I saw a sign for Wythenshawe outside Manchester. That's quite a long way you have to come.

About 12 miles from home to wythenshawe and approx 30 mins on the motorway.not too bad.see my reply to your latest post you were so.......close lol x

You don't need to remind us you have a heart, Skis. We know you do and how huge and caring it is! Love to Scruffy. xx

I wish you the very best Skis. Can hardly wait to hear how you feel afterwards. Please don't stop posting as we all love it.

Hope everything goes well for you Ski love Bernadette 😳 xxx

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