Edinburgh took my breath away - what little there is left of it :)

Edinburgh took my breath away - what little there is left of it :)

I always love the posts here about Scotland and have lamented over and over that I'd never been. Well yesterday that dream came true and I just cannot believe that I have lived this long and not been to Edinburgh before. We had all day yesterday there then train back to Carlisle around 8. What an exhilirating, energetic and just plain gorgeous city !

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  • You paint a stunning picture of Edinburgh BJ and it's great you could enjoy it. Nice to have been to Scotland now. Wishing you well. Xxxxx

  • I couldn't have been more excited if I'd been taken to Mars, Sassy.

  • I remember being taken ill at the top of Edinburgh castle and being brought all the way down in a wheelchair over roughly cobbled pathways. It took ages and I have never been as jolted (or laughed) so much in my life! Glorious Edinburgh. :)

  • What amazes me is that you ever got up there in the first place. All those steps !!!!!

    We took the hop on hop bus tour as far as the castle and then walked all the way down the Royal Mile. I looked up at the castle and waved at it :) Getting around in a way that avoided hills took a fair bit of planning but I managed quote well.

    I'm glad you were able to laugh at the jolting but Edinburgh just makes you want to laugh. Especially with the sun shining and a brusque Scottish breeze providing the AC.

  • It was years ago, pre-diagnosis. :)

  • For a split second, I misunderstood the headline for your thread and wondered what had happened to Edinburgh :) It is indeed a beautiful city of which I have very fond memories and I am so glad you got to see it. xx

  • Even though I'd seen it countless times on TV and movies, I was still blown away by it, Ali.

  • We loved it too and once went on a coach tour to see the sites with a Scottish man wearing his kilt who took us to various places including the parliament buildings and pointed out the cafe where Harry Potter came to life by the author.

  • The guide on our bus told that anecdote too Joyce. He wasn't wearing a kilt though :)

  • I love Edinburgh, I want to go back again.

  • If you can, you absolutely should KK.

  • Hi so glad you enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh. Yes it is a beautiful city and there is a lot to see. I have lived there since I was 10 years old I am now 59.

  • What an amazing place to live, NTB. Sunday was a special day, with the once a year March of hundreds of horses through the town. And pipe bands too of course.

  • I love Edinburgh too. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there forty years ago.

  • A romantic location for a honeymoon Helen, you must have great memories.

  • We do.

  • I live in Edinburgh, I think that Edinburgh is being ruined by the commercialism of our city. The old town still has some charm but the modern monstrosities that are being built next to the cultural buildings dwarfing them and sandwiching is horrible.

    they built the sopping centre at the top of Leith Street when I was a youngster, it was an eyesore then NOW! they are tearing it down to build another eyesore.

    Edinburgh that I knew as a boy has all but been decimated by successive councils tso as they can move forward.......... well that`s fine but leave some character in our city if for no other reason than to keep our tourists amazed.

  • I grew up in Edinburgh too. And I agree with you about the eyesore they are going to build. Also the tram extension is a waist of money. And there have been a lot of changes since I was a child. Some fore the good.

  • I do like a post that restores my faith in auld reekie. I've worked up there for 23 years and battling through the tourists and traffic has given me a very distorted view of the place. So pleased you had a lovely time. X

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