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Hi everyone hope your well has can be with this COPD

Just a bit of feedback,, I have just had my yearly spirometry lung breathing test and results are........FEV1..2.63 post...2.78

FVC..3.81 POST...3.77

PEF....522 POST...538

FEV1/FVC..69 POST..74


I cant understand how they say mild obstruction on my results because my results are a bit lower now then last year and when i posted last years results on here some people were saying that i was moderate.

All very confusing to me but i still dont feel that bad with my breathing and still just use the blue top ventolin has and when inhaller and one of them can last me 3 months.

Was diagnosed with COPD nearly 5 years ago january 2013 and can still walk 4 maybe 5 miles at a push 2 or 3 times a week but must admit i do just want to keep laying down all the time but if i make the effort and do some walking or swimming i do feel really good.

Best wishes


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Glad to hear you're doing well Music so keep on doing the walking and swimming. Xxxx


Sounds like you are doing good being able to do all you describe.

Did you check the spiro calculator? Just put your results in here along with your age height etc. patient.info/doctor/spirome...


thanks for this Bkin i will try it



Hi music ...im stage 3 copd fev 49 % ...i walk 10 to 15 kms daily and work out at the gym for 2hours ish ...its all down to how you feel and numbers on a computer that's all they are...its all about the effort and motivation keep walking and swimming well done xxx


I am going for a spiro with reversibility test next week after suffering numerous chest infections and finding it difficult to breathe out

I stopped smoking 17 years ago but they still say it could be copd from when I smoked


It's hard to know your stage without the percentage result Music. Also the staging boundaries have been changed yet some doctors go by the old ones. If you post your percentage, then someone should be able to say what stage you are. I can see why you are confused.

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It's clearly mild. Your FEV1/FVC 69% is borderline normal in some jurisdictions (70%).

In simple terms what this means is that from a full inhalation you can blow out 69% of the air in your lungs in 1 second, whilst normal would be c.75%.

Mild or moderate is just a label to talk to. Assuming a COPD diagnosis, it (the label) is based on your Fev1 measure which itself is quite variable, so at the cusp between stage definitions you could be moderate one day & mild the next.

Following on from determining a FEV1/FVC in the obstructed range, Fev1% of predicted> 80 = Mild obstruction.

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If you can walk 4 to 5 miles you are in better shape than many people with no diagnosed health issues I would imagine. Have a look on line and read about the GOLD scale or BODE index or the MRC breathlessness scale. The spirometry figures are not a stand alone result that is used to judge one's condition.

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thanks everyone for your comments, very interesting and good to read



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