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Pneumonia that won't go away

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Got diagnosed with early stages of pneumonia about 10 weeks ago after 3 courses of antibiotics which didn't clear it up had numerous other tests but they can't find any infection and last week had the camera down and had a lung biopsy to see if they can find anything now I seem to coughing quite a bit and bringing a lot of sputum up my breathing is awful I get out of breath just walking and talking it burns when I breath constant pains in my chest always tired going the loo 5 or 6 times a night no appetite and generally feel awful constantly I am 47 dont smoke or drink never had any health issues was always fit and active until this I can't take it much more and the doctors and hospitals aren't sure what's going on either!

Please help x

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It's maybe you have caught an infection from the Endo lung already have had the pneumonia which takes a while to get over whether infection is present or clear ...worth getting checked again at GP and doing a sputum test to get the correct antibiotics and also for your reassurance if you're concerned which you seem to be I hope you feel better soon xxx Angie

Hi Aland, I understand completely where you are coming from. I had a diagnoses of emphysema / copd which I had been managing successfully for over 12 years. Then I was very ill this past winter, I got pneumonia, I had 6 lots of one week courses of anti biotics. I pushed for referral to a specialist but 1st I was referred for a CT scan. The result of that was I had pleural thickening and bronchiectasis as a result of the pneumonia I believe and whilst I knew it was important to clear any lung infection quickly the docs didn't seem to have the same concern. I had sputum samples tested one came back with flu virus the other 2 came back not active even though the sputum was very discoloured.

I had several chest xrays all showing a problem.

My advice to you is:

Say one week course ABs are not working

1) *Ask for a stronger 2 week course. Keep a copy of all the ABs you have had, if one week course or more name of AB etc.

2) *Ask for referral for a CT scan.

3) Ask for a referral to see the lung specialist.

I have been ill for the best part of this year, and my lungs are still not as good as they were before I became ill.

I went from flu, to viral bronchitis, to flu again then pneumonia it was just awful the mucus needs testing if you are bringing a lot up and it is best to get it off your chest literally. Ask the doc for a sputum pot with test form so that you can get the sample to the hospital quickly, check if you can take this to the path lab yourself or perhaps you can arrange for someone to take if for you.

My local hospital said its ok to take it to the GP surgery so they have it soonest before mid day. But the BLF helpline nurse told me for bronchiectasis for instance that some bugs will die if they are not tested soon enough. (Hopefully you don't have Bronchiectasis yet, but certainly you need to try and clear any lung infection soonest, if your sputum is discoloured, creamy, yellow, green, brown in colour its likely to be an infection *)

Drink plenty of water and eat what you can, fresh fruit and veg and fresh salmon and chicken. Soup and dry crackers anything to keep the body ticking over.

Do phone the BLF helpline for further advice and support.

I hope you can get on top of any infections quickly and that you are able to move around some and eat some. Hopefully doing so you can avoid any further complications.

Keep in touch and I hope you are feeling tonnes better real soon.

Best wishes

Perhaps the docs have checked already the heart?

Also the frequent urination day or night can be the result of high blood glucose, have you had the full blood count done, blood glucose check, cholesterol etc? Blood pressure. All these things need checking out.

Ask for copies of your results, this way you can query anything you do not understand.

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