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Air changes

I came home last night and felt that cold air in my lungs. It's coming to that time of year that I dread for fear of getting chest infections! I noticed when I went to bed my chest felt tight and it always worries me. I try to keep active walk when I can and I do aqua Zumba once a week which is great. However I was just thinking last night - that cold air is back and it does worry me.

I get rescue packs - normally need them 4 times a year but my doctor also told me to take two lots of my symbicort 400 instead of one and it does seem to help.

I did a clinical trial last year of a fabulous new inhaler which should come onto the market next year - just wish there was something I could take that stops breathlessness

I suppose really i'm just saying - it's horrible. I think one of my worst fears is walking from a place with someone and they start talking to me and i'm thinking - don't talk coz I can't reply - let alone walk at their pace and of course the colder it gets the worse it is!

Have a good day everyone

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Then it's that time of year to invest in a 'Buff' if you suffer this cold air thing. For anyone who doesn't yet know what a Buff is then a quick look on line will show you. I can't wear synthetics so only have pure, fine wool ones & as I'm small (in the head) I get a child's size. I'm sure they've protected me from many exacerbations. P


Googled buff. When pulled up, they look like they are going to rob a bank.

Just before all my chest problems, I had noticed the really COLD air filling my lungs in the mornings.

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Haha I just saw - ok good idea but I've loads of scarves but maybe this is something that would stay put


Have just unpacked winter scarves, hats and snoods so did smile when I sat down and read this. My biggest challenge is Iwhen I cover my nose and mouth my glasses steam up so I can't see where I'm going as well as can't talk 😂😂 today I can see the funny side of it x


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