So fed up and depressed

Hi guys I hope you are all well . I was wondering if someone may be able to answer a couple of questions for me. I am stage 3 Emphysmea only had it since nov16 . Just latley I

When ever and what ever I eat I feel sick and bloated about halve hour after eating. I look8 months pregnant and feel very uncomfortable and feels like acid reflux have headache as well . Also I had my Alfa 1 blood test done and all my go says is protein present does anyone know what this means please. Sorry to go on but as I said I am really fed up .

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The thing that always made me bloat was white bread and anything made using white flour especially commercial white flour, scones, cakes, bread, pasty etc. Fizzy drinks bloat of course and there are other foods which can cause this.

I think blf have a page regarding this....

In 1st year of diagnosis we have a lot of changes to make, huge changes in lifestyle, one is that we can't eat the same volume of food in one sitting, without bloating that is.

You will get to know what does it for you just try adjusting a few things and see how you get on.

Best wishes

It helps me ( although it may not help everyone ) to regard being fed up and depressed as part of my illness although I must admit it doesn't always work

Check out the leaflets in any medications you are taking to see if any of them may be responsible for the bloating and sick feelings. Acid reflux and headaches need checking out with your GP or respiratory team. If you are depressed that can also be treated. Don't suffer in silence. :)

Thank u everyone I will have a go at eating less and ad voiding white bread ect . So much to learn .

i think the best explanation you can get on high protein in the blood is if you look it up on the internet. thats what i did when my doctor only had time to worry me by saying he was concerned by the high protein in my blood ...but couldnt/wouldnt say why he was concerned.

i get bloated and have at times looked 8 months pregnate ( not a good look for a man ) i have over the years taken many diffrent medicines but found the best way for me was i could eat and drink what i like but eat less in one meal and to keep active.

it does sound like you may have a gastro problem and i think i read somewhere that acid refulx can course headaches.. so it would be best if you saw your doctor as soon as you can.

if headaches are very bad i think i would even go to A & E.

Thank you for your reply I am seeing go on tue will ask then . Hope you are well

Hi I am only at stage 1 or very early 2 and find that big meals bloat me out and cause discomfort. I think it is because the stomach ends up pushing against the diaphram. It is better to eat more smaller meals.

The Alpha 1 Antitrypsin blood test is to find out if you have a genetic condition called A1Antitrypsin deficiency. This can cause damage to the lungs to accelerate because of a deficiency in the substance which coats the lungs and protects them from damage by infection, inflammation or a damaging substance ( like smoke). If I were you I would ask the GP what 'protein present' means. If you tested positive you will need to be under the care of a centre which studies A1A deficiency and your whole family should be tested. About 6% of the population have it.

I hope that explains a little.

Quite strange you are experiencing the same that I went through in July. The coughing throughout the Spring actually aggravated the reflux issue causing me a rather nasty case of a/an hiatal hernia. I'm on meds to control reflux, no orange juice or tomatoes. Getting better so I don't have to have surgery.

But I'M NO DOCTOR, so follow up with a professional. Just my personal happening. Good luck, and let us know how you are.

Just to add to all the good advice so far.....I have hyper inflated lungs and can't eat a lot without discomfort. I am also shorter than I was , with a bigger belly. I think all this causes pressure between my lungs and theory only! Please tell your GP all your symptoms. I have been prescribed Peptac now instead of Gaviscon as its cheaper.

I can't eat white bread , only wholemeal , and that has to be bakers bread not the prepacked type. Black coffee affects me too.

Best wishes

Sorry to hear your not feeling great . Protein in bloods can indicate infection or long term chronic conditions such as copd ...theres a protein blood test you can have speak to your doc about it you I'm stage 3 copd the bloating can happen to me if I get greedy with food and eat to much at once lol ..check your medications to see if they cause bloating and making you feel sick...and feeling down can be an overall part of copd can be treated...stay hydrated drink plenty of water with your meals ..i hope you feel better soon write down how you feel and speak to your GP Angie xxx

My previous husband Bob had severe COPD and used to bloat when he drank cows milk and get very breathless when he ate bleached flour. We found out by accident on our honeymoon in Rhodes - at that time Rhodes had few cows so all the milk was goats or sheep's milk, and the flour was unbleached and golden in colour. I could stabilise him in a couple of weeks without flour products and only soya milk, and then he used to be fine on goats milk or sheep's milk and Allinson's wholemeal flour (different extraction process to standard with no bleach then - not sure if they still use the same process now). His problems were one of the reasons I studied dietetics, because I wanted to understand why he couldn't eat things others could.

Before I qualified, a dietitian at the chest hospital he'd been admitted to said my findings were stuff and nonsense and gave him an unrestricted diet with ice cream. Within 20 minutes he started swelling, and within half an hour he had put 16 inches on his waist, causing a medical emergency.

Very interesting..same thing happens to me, can you send me a sample of the foods he had to avoid & also the ones he was ok with...thanking you in advance.

I'm so sorry, mophead1960, but because I am a practising dietitian still, I can't do that through this chat room for professional reasons - can only give healthy eating advice. What area of the country are you in?

Some inhalers can give you the bloating and acid reflux, Seebri had that effect on me.

Thank you all so much I have noted everything and will try and tell go

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