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Nudging the NHS

Hello each, I was sent for a Barium swallow test at St Thomas' London in February 2017 and have still to be sent a follow-up appointment with the consultant who ordered the scan. I have contacted the ENT department on three occasions in the past month as they say the hospital has not yet forwarded the scan images despite them being taken seven months ago.

I have incidents of waking during the night with mouthful's of acidic vomit which I invariably swallow. The following morning I'm left with an incredibly sore throat and coughing from irritated lungs and trachea. I'm increasingly concerned that one night I'll aspirate a large quantity of acidic stomach contents and end up dead from asphyxiation. I'm not a drinker, nor do I take recreational drugs; if I were a substance abuser I'm sure that I'd be dead by now.

I have asked the ENT dept if I can chase up my Barium scans via the phone, but they say that St Thomas' staff would not be able to speak with me regarding medical matters due to breaches of confidence.

My GP appears to have been unhelpful as my requests for her to chase St Thomas' for my results have come to nought.

I'm at a loss as to whom I can contact to effect a line of communication whereby I can have the ENT consultant discuss my results and course of action to take.

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I would get in touch with the department myself after 7 months. I wouldn't ask for results but would ask if they had been mislaid! They need to be passed on or redone.

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If you get a dead-end, then get in touch with PALS nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1082.aspx?... The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters. They provide a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers.

You can find officers from PALS in your local hospital.


Useful info, moogle. Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply.




All of this is ridiculous.

Write to the Department at St Thomas's and to the head of the Trust.

Head the letter Official Complaint

State that they have not sent the results of your February scan to the ENT Department and demand to know where they are and to have a copy sent to you.

I can tell you now that they will blame the ENT department and the ENT Department will blame them

Remember to include your Hospital Number and NHS number.

Post the letter to be signed for.

Keep a copy for yourself and send copies to the ENT department and particularly to your lazy GP who should be on notice that you will be holding everybody to account.

Good luck.


Ooer... Stern advice, littlepom. Many thanks for your input.


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