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Chest infection. Bronchiectasis.


Still got this infection, after nearly two weeks, and feeling terrible, the pain in my back is terrible, not to mention the horrible mucus.

Another trip to the doctors on Monday.

The Antibiotics don't seam to be working.

Thank goodness i see my specialist in another weeks time.

Anyone else suffered so long?

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Yes, it could be that the GP has been giving you the wrong antibiotic in too low a dose for too short a period each time. You may be having a bad exacerbation which might need a 'clear out ' with IV antibiotic. I do hope that the consultant is on the ball and gets you on to a plan going forward. In the meantime work very hard at getting evety bit of that mucus out and drink plenty.

Good luck. I really do empathise because it totally grinds you down.

Janlyn1953 in reply to Hidden


Thank you for your reply, what is a IV Antibiotic.

2greys in reply to Janlyn1953

IV = Intravenous.

Hidden in reply to Janlyn1953

As 2Greys said. It is when the drug is given intravenously. This is usually because oral antibiotics are not hitting the bug on the head. So by IV it goes straight into the system in a high dose. Usually done in hospital but some have arrangements for the home team to visit to do it or even teach you to do it yourself. I have only had three sessions at it but some people need it more often.This is why you need access to a bronch expert whom you can contact if an exacerbation is not responding to oral antibiotics. The way that you are struggling right now is not right. This is not life with bronchiectasis, this 'no life with untreated bronchiectasis'. Those who got you to this should hang their heads in shame.x

Janlyn1953 in reply to Hidden

Yes you are right, I have been messed around like this since I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis over a year ago.

I just told my friend these Antibiotics are not working, I live alone as well which can be a pain sometimes.

I am going to mention this to my doctor on Monday, plus I've had to have time off my little part time job letting others down.

I'm always an active person, but this time it's knocked me down, and I'm having to give in, although I am pottering around.

Hidden in reply to Janlyn1953

I live alone too and I rely on being able to go to my volunteering to stop me feeling isolated and down. When we feel just too poorly to go it's awful I do hope that you manage to kick all of the docs into action. You don't have to feel like this all of the time if you are being managed properly. As I am talking to you my little dog and I are counting visitors into the RSC in Stratford.☺

Yes I hope I get something sorted on monday when I see the doctor.

I have just sat about most of the day, which is so not like me.

My poor little dog has had to make do with just going in the garden today, but it is a big one, so not to bad for her, she knows when I'm not to good, and hardly leaves my side bless her.

Hope tomorrow is a better day, trying to think positive, but very down.

Yes it's horrible when it goes on and on, ten weeks of antibiotics and steroids thought I was dying, it's only the last couple of days this weight is starting to lift of my chest and I'm still not sure about this mucus and the best way to get it up, can't wait to see the physiotherapist to help me out. It's strange to hear about other people in similar conditions, cos I thought I was the only person in the whole wide world lol.

I've been asking around, and been told about The Flutter mucus clearance device.

I'm hoping to get one, I'm asking my doctor on Monday about it.

Gosh such a long time to feel so unwell, I'm glad you are now starting to feel better.

Yes it's nice to know we are not alone with this complaint.

Take care. 😊

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If you are prescribed a flutter it should come with a physiotherapy session so that you can be taught the correct technique. Also are you on carbocysteine/mucodyne which is a mucus thinner and will help you shift it as will nebulised hypertonic saline (7% salt solution)?

Johnem in reply to Janlyn1953

Hi janlyn, If you find that you have to buy your own device, I can recommend the Shaker which works on exactly the same principle as the Flutter. The Flutter was the first of such and is still the most expensive, there are other makes, but the main thing is to buy one that is well made, I bought mine from here, reputable people and very well priced.

I phoned them and found them to be very helpful and finished up buying the Shaker Deluxe which is very well made and much cheaper than the Flutter.

It definitely helps to lift the mucus in my case and I would imagine it provides a certain amount of chest muscle exercise during the process, I give around 25 blows into it when I need the help, which is often.


Thank you for that, I will look into it.

I am seeing my doctor tomorrow, see what she says.

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