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Need answers

Hi my name is Vivienne fromAustralia.born with Broncular Asthma grew out of it. Later years commence on Spirica and seritide Daily with great success. Quite smoking 5 months ago. Now doc took me off them due to long time steroids. Keeps saying I have CO PD or COAD. Put me on Anoro didn't work. Switch to Spiolto Resimat.I have gone backward. Shortness of breath wheezing breathless after moderate activity.maassive episodes of coughing.Dont know whether I should be taking overdoses of ventlin for relief. Fed up as my life style is changing when extremely active. Hope I'm not winging but I need answers

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Hi Vivienne, you really need to go back to your doctor and tell him what is happening, make some notes of your symptoms and how the inhaler affects you so you don't get flustered and forget to mention something. Everyone is different and not all inhalers suit everyone. I was given an inhaler that I had an unknown allergy to, not only did it make my breathing worse but my body went into stress straight after taking it. I hope you can get it sorted, there are a lot different inhalers you could try.

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