Are you barking up the wrong tree by sleeping with your dog?

Let sleeping dogs lie … in the bedroom. That’s according to a new Mayo Clinic study that’s sure to set many tails wagging.

It’s no secret that Americans love their dogs. According to the American Veterinary Association, more than 40 million American households have dogs. Of these households, 63 percent consider their canine companions to be family. Still, many draw the line at having their furry family members sleep with them for fear of sacrificing sleep quality.

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Even when I dog sit there not allowed on the bed or the furnishings and they sleep in a large dog crate cage at night the carpets and floorings are steam cleaned after even thinking of getting a cage for Andrew lol 😁😁

i wouldn't want to be your pet scally,what a hard life,Would Andrews cage be outside?what was that womans name in 101 dalmations.probably Angie lol x

Lol tooo funny for words my little friend now you need a rest pats head off you go xx

My dog and cat have the run of the house,including the beds.We like it this way.The downside of course being the hairs everywhere so the vacuum cleaner gets plenty of use.😉🐕🐈

I have IPF and share my bed with my two dogs,they bring so much comfort,who cares I keep them clean and have a cover on the bed that's gets vacuumed regularly,and washed,what comfort they bring far out ways any negatives..Sooki.

As you say,it is comforting.If I'm having a bad night I often use the spare room so I don't disturb my wife,the dog and cat usually end up in bed with me.The problem is,,,,,,They BOTH snore.But there again so does my wife.No win.😁

Lovely to see a post from you. Have missed you of late, hope all is well. xx

It's ok I'm still alive and kicking,been a bit below par lately.Thanks for the concern.😉


Well I can vouch for the 'advantages' ( or otherwise ) of having your cat sleep with you. We almost always have a cat on the bed, they come and go during the night and waking to a hissing, spitting virago - my little tabby - is quite a regular occurrence. She goes ballistic if she finds the other female cat on the bed when she arrives. Since our much beloved male cat died in June, the older female cat wants human company all the time. Sometimes she drives me nuts but often, especially if I'm not sleeping/feeling very well, I'm delighted to hear the creak of the door and the little plop as she arrives on the bed. She purrs like a steam train and rubbing her warm furry little body is very soothing. I also love to hear the sound of a cat grooming in the middle of the night. Weird, I know but I think the article is spot on and that pets in the bedroom can be very therapeutic.

Hester takes up almost all of my bed!

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