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Are 4,500 patients going to be left without a GP? Who will be next?

Seven out of eight GP practices in a Kent seaside town are planning to close their lists to new patients over safety fears.

The Folkestone practices have said that amid a GP shortage, taking on any more patients would put people at risk.

The group said the situation has become more acute with the imminent closure of a practice with 4,500 patients.


My own GP's practice has already closed it's books, a few months after I first registered, I was lucky.

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The start of things to come over the next few years getting more and more widespread xx


Awful isn't it. And of course there will be more of this. Rita and I are going to the next meeting of our CCG, up the coast (Canterbury and Coastal) and raising questions about the state of the practices in our area. The Folkestone MP sounded a bit limp - he should be raging on behalf of his constituents.

(Edit: did i really write GP should rage on behalf of his patientsI?? Brain fog - have edited it now)


Same in Mid Essex Jean. The 2 local practices have closed their lists. My own practice is short of GPs but we have a locum and another doctor starting in a couple of months so not as bad as other Essex practices who are in dire straights such as Southend. There is a new doctor training facility being built at Anglia Ruskin University but it will obviously be a while before new doctors come on stream and does nothing to alleviate the problems being experienced now.


Is this your local MP quoted in the article 2greys


Folkestone and Hythe Conservative MP Damian Collins said: "What the GPs are saying is they would require additional resource to take on more patients.

"[It is] an important negotiation about the resource that will be required to be invested in order to accommodate additional patients at some of the additional practices."

What the GP's are saying is get some blooming extra GP's to work in the existing practise to keep it open,not close it and then try and spread the patients around into other existing Practises.

Words fail me grrrrrr!


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Not my MuPpet, that is another Hythe, and I live the other side of Southampton Water from Angie's Hythe.

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It was reported at our CCG Cluster Group meeting last week that the first of the practices in Crewe has closed their books to new patients. There is concern that planning permission is being granted for hundreds of new houses in our town, when there isn't the medical care available to support them. I'm sure this is now happening all over the country.


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