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Asbestos related conditions - can you help BLF?


Hi all,

We’re reviewing our information on asbestos-related conditions and we’d love to know your thoughts. Our information covers asbestosis, diffuse pleural thickening and pleural plaques as well as information on benefits and compensation.

If you have an asbestos-related condition and would be willing to give us some feedback, please email Judith Watts at by 20th September and she’ll send you more details.

Many thanks,


BLF Admin

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I have goid advice try not to have one BUT if are unlicky to have one AND claim IIDB look forward to being assessed on lung damage % basis.

Why .. well they can rip you off and hope you heart gives in.

Forget IIDB and claim pip At least it will help you live your life now.

As to asbestos dust ALL research finding is based on dated finding's

I suffer mixed dust lung damage i.e silaca & asbestos .

But you cant claim or suffer Mixed dust pneumoconiosis caused by asbestos and silica as rules say can only claim pneumoconiosis if worked in cole mine.

If am not mistaken thatcher closed all cole mines so why they still using outdated rules.

Betsyrose2017 in reply to Hidden

Is this in the UK where there saying this that's crazy

Hidden in reply to Betsyrose2017

Is disgrace UK if one of the have nots ... like the say your only as good as your last job.

So much for fairer society ANYWAY my claim with IIDB failed even tho i had proved my exposer.

Triburail tried to WELL did blame enviroment and bread manafactures for asbestos silica mixed dust pneumoconiosis claim.

When i tried geting quote of judge blaming bread manafactures well thats when you discover THE cheery pick them I.E not full transcrips.

The would tried blaming cigertes but like i said i was not born when asbestos cigaret tips was band.

DID read thats why most asbestos claims fail.

I don't have this but I'd be so pleased if the BLF had information on nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis (not pneumonia). So little available from anywhere 😕

Hidden in reply to GeorginaS

Here is link you might find intresting even tho not blf resourse

GeorginaS in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I'll take a look a little later. So far I haven't found much on pneumonitis only pneumonia. Thanks again x

Hidden in reply to GeorginaS

Hi i guess thats why the called it nonspecific ULESS the to lazy to look for cause.

Guess it could be causes by antigan immunty or infection.

Think your doctor should check your underlaying immunty.

Hidden in reply to GeorginaS

Thanks for this, Georgina - I'll mention this to my colleagues at our head office when they next review our patient information.

GeorginaS in reply to Hidden

Thank you

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