Feeling lucky!

I read with sadness, some of the posts about lack of care for patients with COPD. It must make life even more difficult for some people. I cannot speak highly enough of my GP practise and the nurses. The nurse goes above and beyond for me. I can get meds at short notice because of the GP dispensary staff being so wonderful. The only thing not great is that the specialist discharged me a few years ago back to the GP who said "but you aren't going to get better!" I have bronchiectasis and seem to have increasing infections. This means the GP has no support from the hospital unless she re-refers me.

I know its all down to cost and I suppose as long as I can manage things and keep working, the appointments can go to other people. My GP knows I never take sick unless its dire! But I do feel lucky with the ease of care I can get just with a phone call.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I have been showing my Labradors in Richmond.

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  • Hetty,

    As much as you control your own destiny and your Gp practise are very supportive if you are getting repeat infections and have not seen a consultant for several years i would be inclined to ask your GP for a referral for an chest x ray and dependant on its findings a referral back to the respiratory dept of your local hospital to clarify that your condition is stable.wishing you the best of luck and good health.........skis

  • Hi Skischool, thank you for your kind advice. My GP had a chest x ray done a few months ago which showed just bronchiectasis (just!) and she sends off cultures if needed. I had an exceptionally bad year last year with 3 infections but seem to be back to my normal one this year. Wishing you all the best.

  • Totally relate to the benefits of having a lovley GP and nurses that you can relate to mine's are the same and so easy to have at hand . I don't use them a lot but if necessary they are there xxx

  • Hi Hetty, glad to hear you are managing your illness and are able to receive good care from GP practice. I have fairly good regime in respect of my lungs i.e annual reveiw, flu jab and infection care. However I agree with Skis that routine chest Xrays should be done if we are only in the care of a GP its over three years since I last had an Xray to spite having a flare up in 2015. Wish I could say the same for my other illnesses often feel the other items are seen as part of growing older rather than long term chronic illness requiring ongoing management as well as my lungs. Hope you continue to keep well with good management.x

  • And same to you Katie, keep well x

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