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Asthma or not?

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I had a repeat spurometry test today. One where they gave me 4 puffs of an inhaler in the middle, then I had to blow again.

The results on second test were improved to the point of the computer saying I was normal?

My results had vastly improved as I'm taking Fostair daily. As soon as I started that I felt almost back to breathing normally.

Would this improvement happen with copd? Can it happen?

Consultant diagnosed asthma the first time I saw her? Hence Fostair?

I see her again next week?

Can breathing get to normal with meds?

I'm quite confused now.

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Asthma is more controllable with the correct medication than COPD.

Hence the reversibility test, The improvement you mentioned is unlikely with COPD.

Fostair was originally licensed for Asthma, athough it as now been licensed for COPD.

Wait for confirmation from your consultant, and go from there.

Same rules apply no smoking, beware of triggers etc.

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Leesea in reply to stone-UK


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Hi I agree with stone. The hallmark of asthma is that it can be fully reversible with meds. Copd can't be. .

I felt so bad when I had this test I got yelled at because he had no results after twenty minutes

but I couldn't breath the way he wanted me too in a glass box with a peg on my nose and air cut off may be I am strange but please I breath the way he wanted as I was the worst I had ever been

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JoHarr in reply to Burghy

I have also experienced getting yelled at by the people carrying out the lung function tests and heard the same from other people too. They told me to take a really deep breath and then blow when they said but they said blow before I had finished breathing in. Got it right eventually tho.

Why don't they check o2 saturation levels at the same time and in the same department, surely that is also a lung function. I have been waiting since April for a hospital appointment for oxygen assessment and I thought my appointment in July was it but no, only the lung function tests and then when I asked what my FEV1 was as a percentage they said only a doctor can tell you that.

FEV1% is the only result that I can make sense of and compare to previous test 7 years ago.

Since my doctor (GP) told me 3 years ago and in April that I was looking blue in the face around my mouth should it really take so long for o2 assessment.

Ok rant over.

Best wishes, JoHarr

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