Fluoroscopy Department

Well got my appintmeant at my local hospital today to go to fluoroscopy departmeant for a BARIUM SWALLOW

Not quite what i was expecting after my ENT DOCTOR visit given mucus issues and throat.

Have to stay tad posative AS its not the follow thru meal.

But its funny AS i was going to do post on BARIUM ALLOY and IONIC DUST and lung disease.

Wel BARIUM is found in turbo's also bearing's and matalic paint and is resposable for HIGH END lung dieses.

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If it is of any comfort to know.the material used in a Barium swallow is i believe barium sulfate and used in such quantities it is not harmful to the human body

Although barium is a heavy metal, and its water-soluble compounds are often highly toxic, the low solubility of barium sulfate protects the patient from absorbing harmful amounts of the metal. Barium sulfate is also readily removed from the body, unlike Thorotrast, which it replaced.i am sure there are others on the site with a deeper knowledge of the procedure who will vouch for its safety.

i believe you may be advised to take a laxative after the procedure which is purely to counter the effect of the sulfate which can induce a small amount of constipation.

I hope your procedure goes well ,best wishes ............skis

Hi Cheers thanks for SP on stuff drink i had not really read about that.

I was reading bout berium aloy and ionic dust and ipf

When that droped on my mat .. i thought might been other ENT camera.

Thanks for reply heads up think i might dose me self up on cod liver oil.

That seems to get things moving in right direction.

Omg i can't even have a fag .. doc never told me that

hi,, its walk in the park,, ive had it done,, taste as i rember bit like cream soda kaylie, better then other had at hope,, tubes up me nose down the throat,, 24 hrs home n back,, a m,, that was ok to,, dont worry, the swallow stuff is so we light up ,, inside ,,

Hi Cheers is bout time really my guts not been right for age.

Am relived the trying to get to bottom of my symptoms.

Thanks for link reply am glad not having one you had sounds tad painful

Good luck for today JAS. Hope all goes well. Xxx

Hi sassy cheers :)

I will be thinking of you today and hoping all goes well. :)

Hi Mrs Mummy cheers i don't really have heart to say DINK stuff is 27 sep

I might not of been to clear in post BUT me shandy went down well.

I must been thristy :P

Best of luck, I had a Barium meal and X-ray over 40 years ago now....all went well. Constipation can be a bit of a problem for a few days after though.

Hi I think its all tad extreme really for mucus round throat.

Do you know if the check your stomach or is to just troat.

My guts been tad bad for sweeling bloating.

Guess i could ask them to look.

I had a barium swallow in 2015 Jeff and it's a walk in the park compared with a lot of procedures. You just swallow your little glass of white stuff, lie down on the bed/stretcher thing and then they tip it at different angles so that it lights up all of your gut area. I was told I had reflux and a hernia.

Hi Cheers all be glad if can find cause of my gut issues BEEN suffering bad bloating sweeling effects my breathing pretty bad

Cheers n thanks for reply

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