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Frank just come Back from chemist with my MST. Should have Been done Yesterday But that's another story anyway. I Take a 30 and a10 on the morning same in the evening when he brought them up to me noticed they have given me5s instead of10s no problem you may think they have run out of 10s and doubled up on 5s nope correct amount of tablets wrong dosage. Any wonder my nerves are like they are it is to stressful being ill God help people on there own I find it difficult even with a husband but if had no one I would just curl up and give up .

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  • I have just had problem with my delivery wrong inhaler ,double the amount of nebules ,large bottle of morphine (after telling them I didn't any )and I am on my own sure I'm loosing my marbles all the things going wrong LOL well I am 75 ,I sometimes think the powers that be are trying to get rid of pensioners we are costing to much ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  • Looks like they are trying to cull the population lol story from Doctors is prescription not updated from when increase was made from 30 twice daily to 40 twice daily still doesn't explain where 5s come in to it. Frank told The 10s won't be ready till tomorrow and he has to give 5s Back. Explained they needed for tonight and in morning they said can't give opened pack Back so ok why don't they just adjust amount of Tablets I get tomorrow or is that to easy .They must have give you my nebules being trying to get them since 11august good job I had some from hospital and of friend who brought them from turkey as for the Oramorph I can see what's coming when request that it's absolutley shambolic. .The Doctor as prescribed Lorazapam But only 1mg and only 7 said have to take half a tablet but only when needed can't see how such a small dose for a week will Benefit me told they are addictive well in the great scheme of things that's the least of my worries have spent the day in Bedroom once again frightened to go Downstairs I'm at a loss at how to cope anymore take care Margaret ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Oh Margaret, everything seems to be happening that possibly can! Thank goodness for Frank! Don't give up, you can get through this.

  • Thanks Helen I'll try my best .

  • Seems you are having no luck at all with your meds Margaret. Hope they get sorted soon, Hope you are feeling a little better today, take care love Bernadette ๐Ÿ˜ณ xxx

  • I think they are trying to see me off Bernadette or make me have a Breakdown they are sure going the right way about it now Frank has to go Back tomorrow and get the correct dose and they want the 5s Back but don't want me to take any of them why can't they make correct amount up with the 10s so I can double up with the 5s or is that to simple Don't think I will get Downstairs today will try tomorrow .Doctor gave me Lorazapam But only 1mg and only 7. and said just to take half think it's more than a weeks supply I need she said they are addictive I said in the scheme of things does it matter if it helps me to cope Better and calms my nerves love Margaret xxx

  • You are having problems with your meds,let's hope you get the right meds tomorrow. Take care love Bernadette ๐Ÿ˜ณ xxx

  • How ridiculous Margaret. Whatever next?

    You take care and thank goodness for Frank. Xxx

  • Should make a documentary or a soap about what has happened in 9 month. Would not think that things like this happen in this day and age so much for progress. Think things would go a lot smoother if there were less chiefs and more Indians xxx

  • Very true Margaret xxxxx

  • What a nightmare, no wonder your stress levels are so high. Hope they eventually sort out your Meds.

    I have problems nearly every month, something left out, or I have to keep chasing it up.

    Take care x x x

  • Like Wouldn't it be easier if all the Meds were sent on the same day and when they due on a weekend total nightmare it's like the Oramorph suppossed to take 20 mg daily. zzBut they only give me a 300 mg Bottle which only lasts 15days I've tried to get this point across so now they give me 400 mg but that's still only 20days how on earth do I get through to them take care xx

  • You could definitely make a program about all your disasters, Margaret, but no one would believe it!

    I'm waiting for you to write the installment where everything comes right again. Lol! All the best. xx Moy

  • Wouldn't it Be something if things started to go right all this stress is doing neither frank or I any good take care xx

  • We are all waiting for Margaret to give us that installment. Wouldn't it be lovely for her and Frank to be able to do that. How she can soon. Love Bernadette ๐Ÿ˜ณ xxx

  • I hope I can to Bernadette just had more hassle when the nurse came yesterday she told me I was due to be signed of rapid response ?She phoned the Doctors to see if I could have a home visit or phone visit I got a phone consult. Nurse said someone would ring to see what had happened. .They Did and they told me would be coming out again next week I realised they had not given a day so I rang up and remind d them of Breatheasy and hospice was told would get a message to nurse and she would call me Zback well you can guess what happened she didn't so Frank rang them again this morning and was told visits not sorted yet why say they will ring then don't I'm fed up of it all Frank trying to get me to go Downstairs a Grandson on way to start garden how am I going to be able to go away God knows love Margaret xx

  • Awe Margaret you are both going through the mill, so wish you could get this sorted. I am still waiting to hear why my support has being withdrawn. Can't seem to get any answers. Hope you get sorted soon. Love to you both. Wil check back later love Bernadette ๐Ÿ˜ณ xxx

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