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Hello all,

I was wandering if anyone went through similar experience like mine.

One year ago i start feeling poor and unwell at that time the only symptoms weres piting up gelly like phlegm and being very tired inwas sleeping 12 h a day.

I did a lot of investigations chest xvray ct scan hrct bronhoscopy all aparently normal .however imnstill feellingnpoor my pft went down fromn112% to 95%fvc andvfev) but dlco went upnfromn94% ton104%.i have seen 3ndoctors now theynall agree there is something wrong but they don't know what...nothing sinister yet considering the test results .

My spo2 is around 93-95% a bit higher when mouving or exercising

Overall i manage to go to work and havena nearly normal life but still felling verry poor and spiting all the time 24/7gelly like phlegm

I never smoked in my life

Anyone that had a similar experience like mine and willing to help please get in touch

Thank u

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That's an interesting one. Are you seeing a lung consultant? There is nobody on here who can diagnose you but there may be others with similar experiences. Welcome to the forum. :)


I have seen gp nhs consultant and a private consultant no luck yet


Many on here will tell you it can take some time to get an accurate diagnosis. I wish you luck with it all.

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I have been talled that a normal high resulution ct scan nearly rules out all major lung disease...is that true?

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This may answer your question en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hig...


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