Feeling down tonight

As some of you might remember I have not been well, and both Dr and respiratory nurse could find no sign of infection on my chest so told me stop the antibiotics and just finish the course of steroids, well the steroids have finished now but although my breathing has improved its no where near where it was, am I being too impatient in expecting to be back to normal within a week ten days or should I go back to my DR as I said there has been some improvement but its very slow progress ., any thoughts would be appreciated

Cales xx

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Don't guess. It would be easy to say it is because you have quit smoking (and it can take a while to clear the accumulated gunk) but it could also be an infection or a reaction to meds or... Always best to get it checked out.

Sorry you not Been well Cales it's awful when Breathing is Bad. ,,.and can't control it nothing seems to help I have just had a major panic attack scream ed at Frank didn't m an to But so frustrated couldn't Breathe at all made worse by the fact that I had walked to stair lift forgetting to turn amboltary oxygen on Doesn't help like you I have finished my Meds so where to go from here.District Nurse coming again. ,'.tomoorrow to recheck sats etc well Cales Here's Hoping you recover quickly xx

Sorry you are still struggling with your health Cales, maybe a visit to GP might help decide if you need more time to recover or more drugs to help your symptoms and at least reassure you nothing serious is going on in there. Take Care and up date us on how things are for you xx

Thank you for your replies.......again my breathing is slightly better than yesterday so still seems to be going in the right direction ....will just keep an eye on things and how they go :-)

Cales xx

seek advice get plenty of rest and above all else get plenty of rest. Hope you feel better soon

Hello cales .

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been so well. How are you doing today? I know there are times (especially when the temperatures go from warm to cold) that I feel quite unwell and it seems to take forever to feel better. I once had a cold that seemed to go on for months. I would err on the side of caution. If you aren't feeling better, it may be best to get yourself checked out. Just to rule out anything sinister.

I really hope you feel better soon.

Take good care.

Cas xx 💐

Morning Cales,

Sorry your not feeling well. I know how you feel, been there many times. Have got rid of all the Sputum a long time ago, as I told you before I have the best Anti Biotic to clear it all and keep it all away..It takes a bit of time after you have stopped Smoking. I also found that Respiratory Rehab Exercises works so well and opens your lungs, I felt so much Better Immediately after my First Course. I am waiting to go back on another course of Rehab(my 4th), hopefully they will continue with me till I get My Transplant. I go to My breathe Easy Class Exercise every Monday and the Gym on a Wednesday, Bear in mind this is all done with Oxygen, my little Scouse Friend, Follows me everywhere. Sometime though I get Down and wish it wasn't me, or what have I done to Deserve this...We all think that way at sometime...I come back with Fight and having been a Strong Woman all my Life, I can rise above it and kick this shitty condition to my advantage by being positive and come through Stronger..NO COPD YOU WILL NOT STOP ME FROM HAVING A LIFE...Ha Ha, My Daughter said this when she got through Breast Cancer...Look after Yourself, Stand Up and Fight..Love n Hugs..Carolina xxxxxxx

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