E.N.T Camera & Panic Attacks Hypervetalation Syndrone

E.N.T Camera & Panic Attacks Hypervetalation Syndrone

Well went seen E.N.T doctor quite panicked AS did not know what to expect with camera up nose down throat GUESS was to see what all this mucus round throat is doing.

From infection virus that hospital said was infection but not infection.

What ever that means ANYWAY

He confirmed i have ears and a nose and said IS going to bring teer to my eye camera.

He was very good given my issues and told me numbing spray would make me painic more given lung condition AND being gaurded as to throat.

He told i could have nurse sat with me AND yep i needed someone to hold my hand.

He said i could sneeze cough do all my usale things .. So i said what about unesale like pooping myself or throwing up.

He thanked me for warning and said nevers are worse really and proceeded.

All went with out incident AND he said i will have to have other as could not see much given mucus and snot.

He told me was no tumors he could see but throat was bad and raw.

What i did find but scary was when he said i would need other AND then could fix plan whats going on.

Like realy MORE mixesd messages

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I had the ENT tube through nose to check down to voicebox last September. Nervous but mainly felt odd sensation when pulled out.

If you go on to bronchoscophy, demand plenty of sedation or even have it done under a general.

Love the cartoon picture!

Hi cheers think nerves got better of me I had iratation back of throat kept trying to hack it out.

My doctors ruled out any bronchoscophy given state of lung's guess happen one day but have to be emegancy and i would have to be out of it

he sounds like a good one.

At least you won't be so anxious next time.

I had to laugh at your tale about unusual things, haha xx

Hi casper even tho feared i was quick with the wit but am glad never followed threw :)

Hahaha, I would be too xx


Hello JeffAjaxSmith .

I remember doing that and it's not the most pleasant procedure. I am glad you seemed to get a good doctor.

Hoping you are doing better now.

Cas xx 🌿

Hi Caspiane cheers was quite experience GUESS can tick that of bucket list lol

Anyway hows ya dog doing is HE / SHE running you ragged :)

Hope you are doing well n have good doc too

Hi there. He is well thank you and yes absolutely running me ragged! I gave him a bath today , and absolutely could not breathe. But he keeps me going bless him.

My doctors are helpful as they can be I think. I am not doing so well these past few days but hopefully it will pass.

Take care of yourself.

Cas xx 🍁

Glad his giving you run for ya money.

Sorry to hear about ya being more breathless.

Ya might need to nock about places with denser air or air conditioning.

Air pressure can have big inpact on our breathing

Try drinking water with electrolytes init

Air conditioning definitely helps! I can breathe better. Thank you for advice. xx

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