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Hi everyone i live in Devon with my hubby but he wants us to move to and around Tewkesbury/Chelteham/Evesham area and my question is does anybody know if there,s thrips also known as corn flies and thunder flies around these areas we,ve looked on the internet but cant find any info i,m only asking because we lived in Swindon briefly years ago and was plagued by these thrips on a daily basis all through the summer and hated them cos its something we dont get in Devon probably too wet and windy for them thanks xx

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Try looking up on trip advisor on the internet


All the best Ant

Thanks Ant will do

We live right in the middle of those places. The thunder flies get into everything from my hair to the pictures and the clocks, they do only last for a few very hot days but they are a real pest.

IF you haven't got them stay where you are!

They have an aversion to lavender. It is really easy to take cuttings from lavender, pull off a woody stem, leaving the heel on it. Remove the lower leaves, dip it in some rooting powder and stick it in the ground/pot/window box. If you take lots of cuttings you should have several plants next year.

Thanks for your reply Pete i,m Devon born and bred and have never seen them here before and it wasn,t until we moved to Swindon briefly (thrips reason it was brief) horrible little things and yea you get covered and they even came in through closed windows, it was the quantity of them and the fact it was pretty much every hot day during the summer i,m torn now should i stay or should i go.My hubby wants to move alittle closer to his beloved Wolves as its such a trek to watch a match and somewhere flatter and less windy for me.Someone else said go urban and keep away from living near fields less chance of them then

They flourish in areas where grain is grown. The NFU might be able to help. We used to be plagued with them in Lincolnshire, but not here in West Gloucestershire.

I would say yes,simply because it is a more agricultural area.

Thanks for your reply scunny

I live near Cheltenham in an urban area and haven't seen any at all.

And by the way Respiratory services here are second to none !!!! They are fabulous !

Hi thanks for your reply Holly my hubby loves Cheltenham we stayed at the racecourse for a week in our motorhome and loved it there and thanks on the nod about the services there its got to be better then here in Torbay xx

Wow my daughter had thrips in her yard,they bite,gave me a rash! It was summer so glad its winter now. I know this old pist but just saw and i never heard but from her,now saw this! She couldn't even let her baby walk around in yard! So just wanted to ket you know we hate them things too!

Hi Lin how are you hopefully feeling a little bit better now,Yea Thrips 1 of the worse things god ever created,they crawl around in your hair go up your nose and in your ears and swarm in their thousands and crawling in through closed windows and crawling into literally everything tv,light fittings,computer,pictures just horrible little things,we,re back in Devon again now and don,t get them here luckily xxx

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