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Job Satisfaction?

Of all the jobs I wouldn't like

There's one that tops the list.

I wonder what they have to pay

To get folk to enlist.

Most of us will use them

And be thankful that they're there.

But I would hate to have that job,

And I'm sure you'll all concur.

Waking in a morning,

Thinking what they're going to do.

Must put them off their breakfast,

And probably their brew.

What is this job I'm thinking of

That sounds so dull and drab?

As I seal up my sputum specimen

To send off to the Lab.

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10 Replies

Lol was one of the things that turned my stomach even shudder now lol great poem as norm xx


i'm thinking of collecting mine in a test tube like famous seaside sands,sort of novelty holiday trinket,do you think it would catch on?........skisx


The phrase 'limited appeal' springs to mind. Sorry.


Definitely not, is what came to my mind😣

Your so not right in the heid skis 🤣🤣

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Excellently expressed and very thought provoking. I used to wonder who would choose dentistry but this job is one that defies logic. :o Thankfully some do choose it though.


Don it could be worse,you could be on the receiving end of those little cards they send us each year to check if we have any blood in our stools in case of potential bowel cancer.Bless them we couldn,t do without these hardy lab technicians...skis


I was thinking exactly this a I sealed my envelope this morning!


Excellent as always Don. Xxxx


Ewwwww.. x

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