Pleurisy and pneumonia

Hi all I have just been released from hospital to recover at home after a 2 week bout of pleurisy and pneumonia lots of antibiotics and now coughing up mucus clear but sticky ,asthma attacks mostly at night.I suffer from broncihiectasis,asthma,copd. Started prednisilone today but cannot sleep any advice would be lovely.worrying all the family at the moment and coughing feels like I should call an ambulance

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Hi sounds like you've had a rough ride recently , when did you come out of hospital ? Maybe a call to out of hours to get some advice might be an idea if you feel your getting worse .... keep in touch and I hope you feel better soon

Cales xx

Did agree with Cales, call the out of hours for advice. Take care and please let us know how you are. Love Bernadette xxx

I came out last sunday

I take melatonin for sleep works great for me even with Prednisone which I hate for that reason.

Thank you I Will look into that

Thank you,I spoke to my pulmonary team physio this morning she was advisi g lots of warm drinks, lozenges and trying to distract from coughing to much as my Airways are twitchy. Prenislone for 5 days

Sadly insomia is part and parcel of prednisolone treatment, my sleepnessness got so bad in the end my gp reluctantly prescribed zolpidem a quick acting one that knocks you out at first the wakes you at around 3 am. I take a flask of tea (chamomile with honey) to bed with me so I am not making myself more active and alert.

Trouble with pred it makes you thirsty and pee a lot lol

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