How am I today?

It's natural to ask yourself,

How do I feel today?

You might be feeling not so good,

Or perhaps you're happy and gay.

But watch that you don't go too far

In assessing how you are.

By measuring this and measuring that

And Googling wide and far.

Obsession with your state of health,

Is not a healthy thing.

In addition to the ails you have

Another it will bring.

So concentrate on feeling good,

Leave the rest to them that know.

Let them worry if something's wrong,

As through life you happily go.

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Good idea Don. Have a good day xxxx

Not everyone will agree. ;-)

So - "Let them worry if something's wrong,

As through life you happily go." :D

Let's concentrate on feeling good

Just like Don thinks we should.

Hum .....sorry not up to the Rupert school of verse Don, or our postman....any one seen him lately?

Many on this site would do well to read this one old chap,you strike a blow for common sense and in such an elegant and as usual humorous way...................skis x

Well said, 100% agreement here.

And Googling wide and far. <-- been guilty of this over the weekend

Google is your bestest friend,

Mis-use it at your peril.

It could really blight your life,

As it did with my friend Beryl.

(Actually my friend's name was Fred but that didn't rhyme.)

Couldn't agree more Don - with your first poem😊

Well said and worded dear Don totally agree could pose something for them that have no common sense just a thought as you said the other day you were short of material to write about xxx

That's a brilliant philosophy Don, I really must apply it! Xx

Yes, need to think happy thoughts,as not too good at the moment.

Hope you soon feel better, Anne, I'm sure you have many happy thoughts to keep you going till then. x

A point well made, Don. Xx Moy

Great advice

Good advice, and poem as usual. Thanks, take care

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