Chesty and asmatic

Chesty and asmatic

Hi I have astma I have been ok, I lost my voice ended up in casualty weekend had x-ray bloods heart done magnesium drip next day felt ill coughed up blood thought I had clot on lungs feel little better on amoxicillin and predinerone but nights bad it's still on chest doing little things to keep me going still wheezy feel lightheaded with coughing so fed up I go away for some sun I feel better then.

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Thanks for the virtual hug and sorry that you feel poorly.

There was a medical drama on tv recently and they gave IV magnesium to a brittle asthmatic. I have never heard of that before and I have had asthma for a long time.

Hi went to see nurse today my peak flow gone back up to 400 so steroids working she says I have astma but the hospital say I have to ask about emergency pack I was told u only get if I have cops is this true

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