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Recovery from pneumonia

I got ill in march and after weeks of illness, misdiagnoses and major drug reactions, i was finally given an X-rayand throat swabs to confirm bacterial pneumonia and was on oxygen therapy as my sats were very low and i couldn't function. its been 5 months since i finished my antibiotics and I'm still finding that on exertion I'm getting breathless and getting pain in my lower ribs on the side the pneumonia was and pain in my shoulder blade and chest on the other side. i kind of expected to be better by now even though i know it can take a while. does anyone know if this is normal? or what this could be because of? to my knowledge the infection has been cleared up and i don't feel ill or anything apart from the pain, being tired and having a foggy brain.

many thanks!

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Did they check for a pneumothorax? Get a CTscan I think because of the shoulder blade pain. Take good care.


No unfortunately nobody checked anything, I went back for a doctors review after my antibiotics and said I'm sill breathless with pain so he signed me off as fit! Doctors...

Thanks for the reply and advice.

Take care too :) xx

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Thank you. I would insist or go to A&E or a walk-in clinic if you feel breathless. 🌸


Think I'm going to try to make a doctors appointment in the morning and start insisting on some answers if I manage to get one! Thanks for the help :)


Yes good idea. You're welcome 😊

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