Katie Price's Mother IPF

BREAKING NEWS: Not happy to hear that Katie's Mum has IPF, but glad Katie being a high profile TV personality will bring valuable focus to BLF as her Mum battles this disease. I'm sure she will highlight the plight of those with terminal lung disease on Loose Women.....

“Just to clarify for all of you reading. My mum has been diagnosed with a lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). There is unfortunately no cure for this. As a shock to us all, me and my family are proud to be supporting the British Lung Foundation to help support awareness and raising funds for research of IPF."

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  • I had no idea cosykitty and have seen Amy around my local area quite often.

    I'm sure Katy will highlight the BLF even more in the future and l do think that's a good thing to come out of this news.

    Praise for BLF is much deserved for all the wonderful work they do. Xxxxxx

  • Oh wow sassy, small world! I am really hopeful this will make all the difference to the BLF's Battle for Breath campaign. Whatever anyone thinks of Katie Price, if she can bring to the fore the importance of awareness of Lung Disease it can only be a good thing!! Sending my best to you xx

  • Sad about Katies mum but like you say it may help highlight the disease. Thinking of the family. Love Bernadette xxx

  • Katie has so many loyal followers, let's hope this gives the BLF the boost it so justly deserves!!! Best regards, Bernadette xxx

  • Thank you for sharing. Hopefully Nadia can support Katie through this journey...

  • nadia as supported people with lung problems, but its not broadcast, ,,

  • sorry for her mum,, very cruel one,, nadia raised awareness of copd, not saying katies wrong, shes right to highlight it,, how many times as she been on tv, never once talked on a topic of lungs,, as nadia as,,

  • Better late than never though :) But great to hear Nadia has been doing her bit....

  • I have IPF and pleased to hear today that Katie and her mom are supporting BLF I wish them both all my best wishes as it's a daily struggle best wishes

  • Really pleased to see a consultant explain IPF, alongside Amy and Katie on Loose Woman today! Shame it takes for someone in the public eye to be affected for it to get the exposure it deserves. Not happy about that, but grateful as a community we were represented today on National Television!!

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