Little update once again usuing franks net

Will reply to messages when I get full internet or get home whatever first where sending me home today Even though Breathing really Bad and sats still going very low my anxiety has shot up again. They have Been giving me sleeping tablets but never worked and you won't believe it or perhaps you will I never got my depression tablet last night they had forgot to order it only me eh seriously I did hope to feel Better by now not worse one plus steroids making me eat a bit Doctors have Been Bleeding me dry of Blood again and I've got a big egg on my arm thank you for all your messages x

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Take Care Margaret


Margaret, keep positive and get better! Kind Wishes, judg69

Love and good wishes to you dear Margaret. Feel better soon. Xxxxxx

I do hope you feel better soon and that the depression is alleviated. Thinking of you both xxx

So in other words not any better off than being at home then by the sounds of it! Perhaps going home would a good idea!

Hello Margaret sorry to hear you are still in hospital. Maybe you will get back home tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better . Take care love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Take care xx x

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