Durdle door pic from our 15kms round the Jurassic coast from lulworth cove

Durdle door pic from our 15kms round the Jurassic coast from lulworth cove


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So beautiful. Xxx

Thanks sassy x

such a nice photo thanks for sharing

You are welcome and thankyou xx

Just reminds me of when we used to go for our holidays down there xxx

A little reminder of some memories xx

Beautiful xxx

Thankyou xxx

Gorgeous, one of my most favourite places! Do you frequent Weymouth at all? One of my family has a shop there, Surf Boutique 😃

We go to Weymouth regular love the beach there xx

lovely pic Angie,so come on whats a 'durdle'?if thats it's door......skisx

It's a piercing like as in nostril lol xx

That will teach me not to be 'nosey' my dear.xx

Drusilla has piercings on her chest and sasparilly has several places I can't mention lol 🦊🦊

ok bill lets have a bit of moderation here.getting too personal.stop it at once my sides are hurting.xxxxxxx

Apologies foxy just my rectal humour bet that goes straight over Bills head 😚 or it could be appendix if your sides are hurting I'm no doctor by any means lol

youve just blown my cover scally,remember there are aliens out there.......xgo back to the shed!

Nooooo don't make me please 🐵

i hear your hubby calling far,far away.he needs a beer now woman!xx

He don't drink lol and its gone stacked in the front garden awaiting collection

Thank you 2g as suspected correct lol

Lovely pic' of one of my favourite bits of our coast.

It's beautiful how was your holiday Mrs xxx

Weather could have been better but really enjoyed it. Had a quick paddle but too cold to linger very long. When do you go away?

October 3rd abroad but next weekend is glamping time in Glastonbury lol I'm so glad you enjoyed and paddled in the water xx

Glamping! That should be good - don't forget your camera will you, would like to see a pic' of your accommodation. Yurt, teepee or?? Fingers crossed for good weather.

I will be taking it if there's room on the bikes to carry it but I'm sure there will be and will take a pic just for you mlady lol xx

Ooo ta😀👍🏻

I like it!

Thankyou kind of you xxx

Beautiful place. Had 2 family holidays in Weymouth.

I love Weymouth holiday camped with the kids then b n b the last night as a treat xxx

Lovely picture, spent my honeymoon down that way, many years ago x

Ah memories Katie xxx

How beautiful.

Thank you megshafer xxxx

15kms round the Jurassic Coast? Wow! There are some serious hills there.

There is and every one we done was conquered and ticked off the list ...been going here for years but was never able to manage as a smoker ...but now up and away lol xx

I managed the big one coming up out of Lulworth Cove in countless 20 steps and then rest, then 20 steps and then rest. The ones around Swanage were easy in comparison.

We kind of worked in the same routine focus on a point get there stop rest start again it was 29 degrees so the heat was intense ... I haven't done Swanage yet but do love it around there even just to walk it millionaires paradise lol x