Heart Scar's & Pulmonary Embolism

Well had interesting phone call after seeing gp doctor ... he wants me to go hospital given heart scare as when i was at hospital.

Given heart scare pain in back jaw HOSPITAL said all blood test's was clear and xray even tho could see my choric lung disease was ok.

Well GP phine me saying i have to go back to hospital as never checked bloods for pulmonary embolism.

Apparently is extra test that is not routinely DONE

Given my obvious lung diseases pain heart scare you would think with lung diseased WOULD be routinely done.

Totally shocking realy ALSO well had to submit other sputum sample as last one came back clear.

So being referd to ENT to see why i cant clear my throat of mucus under two week rule.SO looking forward to camera down my nose throat.

Just hope other antibiotics clear gunk sputum.

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As though you didn't have enough on your plate. Here's hoping it all goes well JAS.

Hi cheers

Am sure be fine AM going have sore muscles pain all coughing been doing.

Just wished hospital would of done test when there.

Guess its that hole august new interns thingy.

At least am alive to do post warn others to ask hospital doctors.

Good luck to you JAS. Hope all goes well. Xxxx

Hi sassy 4 half hours later back home .. Hospital said haf no blood clots.

The saidy suputom sample came back clear THE said i had upper track infection but not like a infection.

Well what ever that means.

You're a mystery to medical people JAS. Take care xxxxxx

Hi Sassy defo mystery to myself :P

Hi Jeff, It is probably doc speak for exactly what you have been saying all along - a virus. viruses don't show up in sputum but in my long and tortuous relationships with doctors and labs, if the results come back negative ( ie they don't have the capability to find the bacteria) they say that it is a virus. If it is actually a virus, Hopefully it will eventually burn itself out without giving you a secondary bacterial infrction. Try to take it easy.

Hi Littlepom thanks for explains it clearer ... Is quite scary how virus can ignore fact your on maintenance antibiotics and infect you anyway.

Was doing some reading and think it's commen cold virus BUT like you say do try to causes secondery infections.

All helps to make you feel neurotic even tho symtoms are real.

Cheers n thanks for reply

I hope things go well for you. xx

Hi thanks me too .. guess as i have infection but dont have infection THINK its down to ENT doctors

Wow Jeff you are not having a good time at all. I am so sorry.

Hi cheers defo had better times

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