Hi I was kept in just got internet for a bit of Frank he bringing it Back to tomorrow so hope too know more just had Blood gasses wrist and elbow talking about bipap figures been going so low thank you everyone for your concern of course it has to happen to me The porter brought me Back from xray last night walked of without reattaching oxigen it happened last time as well I'm dreading if I have .The Doctor just been and said he is going to give me 8LPM to get my oxygen blood up to a safe level He said I'm near to collapse So they are monitoring me I asked If I would Be able to get changed she said that's the least of my worry God bless you all

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  • Now dear @time2drink you stop worrying yourself with changing yourself into some "fashion icon outfit"!!! I'm getting in here quick as I know how many people will respond and I'm usually towards the end of the list. Stay calm,do what the Doctors say(not the Porters!) and get yourself feeling so,so much better. Also keep us all informed how you're getting on,as and when you feel able.

  • Well you got first reply and look how long it took me to respond you are right about not doing what the porters say I think they are betting on who can finish me off first that's twice now I've Been left without oxygen. They are not very subtle are they xxx

  • Hi Margaret you just concentrate on getting yourself better and getting back home with Frank. At least you will get the help you need in hospital UST please do as the Doctors advise and get well soon. Thinking about you and Frank, get plenty of rest and I will check in again tomorrow. Keep us u to date when you can. Love your dear friend Bernadette 😳 xxx

  • When does hospital and help go hand in hand with me lol xxx

  • I know the feeling Margaret xxx

  • Bless you too Margaret and l'm pleased you are getting all the attention now. You will soon be feeling better so just take it easy and relax. Thinking of you and sending hugs. Xxxxx

  • Thanks sassy I really like I've said many times appreciate all the kindness of this site so glad I found it as many others also agree xxx

  • Sending you my best wishes and to Frank as well.

  • Sorry to be late replying can only get internet has and when thank you knitter xx

  • Actually I'm relieved that you are in hospital as your last posts were scary. You are in the best place and the safest hands (apart from the porters). It sounds as if there is real concern to get you sorted out.

    Love and the gentlest of hugs,

    Kate xxx

  • Hi katinka I do hope something can be Done My sats are still dropping and Breathing not recovering well he's hoping it will be sorted xxx

  • At least sounds as if they are trying to get oxygen squared away. I know I am repetitive Margaret, but you definitely do not want to leave the hospital this time until you are properly sorted out. All the Kindest Wishes, judg69

  • Hope they can do something this time I have had full face mask on a few times to get oxygen levels up Because they are so low still I've more needles in me than a junkie lol xxx

  • Keep your dobber up. It will get better for you. In the meantime, sounds as if you are enjoying your young Doctor! Kind Wishes,judg69

  • Yes I hope he never has the compassion and kindness drummed out of him he is the sort of Doctor we need Take care .

  • I'm relieved that you're in hospital as well because nobody should have to cope at home with the low sats, pain etc, that you've been having. Make sure you have your bell next to you in case anybody else strolls off without connecting your 02. It's amazing that you can go through all this and still smile and crack a joke with us. Thinking of you Margaret and wishing all the very best for you.

  • I know sure they are trying to see me off although Did get escorted back to bed by aDoctor today xxx

  • Dear Margaret, thoughts are with you and I hope you feel better soon. I am sorry your trip away did not work out; you have been awesome to have the stones to try! Frank sounds fab too.

    Remember; it's the squeaky hinge that gets the oil. Bother the crap out of them until they are so bored of hearing your voice they will do something to help!!!

    I worked in the health services and that was how it worked, honestly. Don't be rude or aggressive, just tenacious and call them twice a day; write letters just be a buzzing in their ears and they will do something to get rid of you!

  • Thanks for your interesting and helpful reply I had a little Blood in sputum today and told nurse its nay a bit she said .I got took back to bed by a young Doctor because person who took me had disapeared. Been Breahing and still are Badly Doctor asked if I'm on low dose of steroids at home I'm not so maybe they thinking of that Best wishes

  • Sorry to hear your in hospital. Hope they get you sorted. Thinking of you x x

  • Thanks Shirley hope so x

  • Well, I'm sorry you've had to go to hospital but, like others, I'm glad you are there in the hope you will get sorted out at last. You've really been through the mill lately. Like Phil40 says, you need to be like that squeaky hinge - don't let them off the hook! All the best to you and Frank. xx Moy

  • Thanks moy things not exactly hunky dory at the moment lol xx

  • It's great to hear from you again, I was wonder if I'd missed some posts. I'm not one to listen to my own advice, but do what the Drs say, they generally do know best!

  • Thanks Helen Havng internet problems can only post when Frank here and if he got any internet left thought I could of bought some here so playing catch up hope can get these sats breathing sorted and hope the woman with the needle stays away for a bit .

  • Before they send you home Margaret do make sure that you have the telephone number of a respiratory team to contact if you have any problems. This is not something the community matron or your GP have the specialist knowledge to advise on.

  • I Asked a Doctors in hospital about respiratory team they couldn't help me ?Told me would have community Matron But that's only short term I also mentioned it to rapid response But no help .

  • Who ordered your oxygen? Normally that would be done by the respiratory team. If you cannot find a number why not ring the BLF helpline? It is 03000 030 555 during office hours. Perhaps they could help.

  • Thanks Mrs M have passed message to Frank .

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