I'm really enjoying PR so much that I've begun using my treadmill again. I walked half a mile last night. Felt so good. Hope to reach a mile someday.

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  • Treadmill? Half a mile? Wash your mouth out with soap young lady! :) Seriously though that's great so well done and keep it up. You will be doing a marathan soon :) xx

  • lol ! Yes treadmill and yes half a mile! I was afraid I'd get laughed at. I'm going to keep this up.

  • Fantastic news! Well done x

  • Thanks!!!

  • You will never be laughed at for such an achievement Bobbie, I was only joshing with you xx

  • Ya. I know. xx

  • Good :) xx

  • I am so pleased to hear this. Many of us are a bit scared when we think of exercise but it is proven time and again how much we benefit from it if we put in the initial effort. Well done. :)

  • Thanks. I was scared too but now this exercise is feeling good to me. I'm loving how it feels.

  • Thank you Graham. Slow and steady. I always over do it starting out so thanks for that reminder.

  • Well done keep up with the good work

  • Thank you jimmyg23 I'm going to try.

  • Well done. You should be pleased with yourself.

    My son swears exercise lifts his mood. He says he feels really great after it. Reading your post, you sound just like him. Keep up the good work xx

  • Thank you! Yes while I'm working out sometimes I feel a special high. It's awesome. Wish it would last forever. I battle depression and maybe if I'd push myself to do a workout at that time I could possibly lift my moods. Sure worth a try!

  • well done iknow how hard it is when you cant breath proper keep it up

  • Thanks.

  • Well done Bobbi keep up the good work, exercise if you can do it really is the best medicine and nothing beats the trill and achievement you feel afterwards xxx

  • Thank you. I'm just so excited because I haven't been well enough to do this until just recently. It feels great.

  • Well done to you x i so envy people in the gym as just wish i could be doing that but 100 steps at the moment would feel like i had run a marathon !Fingers crossed though PR on the 13th so will remember your words and feel much better for it after the sessions .Keep strong and keep exercising lol xxx mel

  • I remember those days. I could only March in place for exercise and only a minute or two. You do what you can. It all counts. Good luck to you. Hugs!

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