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So fed up now😪

Hi all.

I'm really feeling quite down at the moment🙁I've been awake most of last night with ra pains in my hands and shoulders,today they are very painful.

I've started a course of steroids to help take the inflammation away,until my dmards kick in,which can take 3 months🙁

I have also got yet another cough😩And I have bought up a tiny amount of blood in my phlegm which has scared the life out of me this morning.what to do?

I've got copd review tomorrow at my new doctors.but don't have much faith in the new practice...

Just so fed up😢

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Sorry to hear you're fed up Fantasy, things seem to happen all at once. I hope you do get help tomorrow and the new practice is a good one. Take care and thinking of you. Xxxxx 😘


Poor you, I'm sorry you're down.

I joined a new practice not so long ago so I know how you feel about that one - not the RA though, have OA in hands which is bearable.

Good luck tomorrow. To keep yourself busy you could make a factual list, just bullet points with a timeline (just in case the medic doesn't read your notes thoroughly).

Thinking of you xxxx P


Hello Fantasy3 .

I also have R.A. and I can relate to the pain factor. I am guessing you just started your meds to treat your R.A? I remember how awful the pain was before my medication began to help. It definitely makes you feel at the end of your tether. I know. *hug* Eventually you will get the right cocktail of drugs and you will feel better. It just takes time. I remember when my pain was unbearable, I took warm baths it helped.

I hope you are feeling better today.

Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌷



So sorry to hear of your plight, if the pain you experience is due to joints my partner & I take Turmeric Curcumin 500mg, supposedly good for joint lubrication. My cousin swears by Gelatine to keep his joints working. ( can get it in Jelly cubes ) the kick in time is fairly quick. Take heart your new doctor may not be as bad as you expect and may even have a few new ideas, look on the bright side.


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