Waiting for emergency ambulance will contact when I can thanks for all your messages x

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  • hope it goes well and you get home again soon. I'll be thinking of you

  • Just got internet while Frank here so doing a few replies where possible it's looking like I may be going on Bipap xxx

  • That will take some getting used to but those who persevere see massive improvements. Good luck with it. x

  • Thinking of you. x

  • Take care


  • hey @dorothy so great you are home again

  • Thinking of you Margaret, get well soon and get back home. Take care love Bernadette 😳 xxx

  • Thanks Bernadette all up in the air at the Momment Xx

  • You keep fighting you will be fine xxx

  • You're in my thoughts Margaret. Take care, jean

  • Thank you Jean the staff are amazed that I'm still talking sense when I've dropped so low Xx

  • Lets' hope this time they can get to the bottom of all the difficulties you are having. Hope things improve quickly and you can return home. Love Lilian xxxxx

  • I hope you are right Lillian I'm just so fed up and can't go on this way xx x

  • Don't worry about Centre Parks,, Margaret, you can go next year. You are being looked after now, Frank can have a bit of a rest and you try to relax a bit whilst they get your oxygen problem sorted out. Have a good night. Love Lilian xxxxx

  • My thoughts are with you Margaret dear, the very best of luck

    C.c xxx

  • Thank you hope something can be sorted and that I can be well enough to go to centre parcs. I just can't loose another holiday But know I need to be fitter xxx

  • Thinking of you.

  • Thank you kindly 😷

  • Margaret, this time tell the Dr's that getting your oxygen really figured out is what is most important; getting you home fast is NOT what is important. All the Kindest Wishes, judg69

  • You are right need to feel better than I have Been feeling. Dreading them coming back with the Bipap x

  • Margaret, you are a strong lady, stay strong. Tell them in plain terms you want the oxygen sorted out properly! Kindest Regards, judg69

  • Thank you I'm not making much headway so far was let out Sunday evening. No Better take care

  • Thinking of you Margaret. Xxx

  • Thank you sassy hope Pete doing ok xxx

  • Dear Margaret, I do hope they can help you xx

  • I hope they can Because I have Been getting no where only worse rapidly and I have tried so hard to cope xx

  • Thinking of you Margaret. Hopefully your problems will be addressed in hospital and they will be able to see how you have been suffering of late. Very best wishes Ann

  • I Do hope so I wish they would give me something to sleep I read a full Book last night But if I'm to go on the bipap won't be able to do that take care Margaret

  • Hi,

    Sorry to read that you are not too good, I hope things improve for you soon.

    I don't know whether you are going on the hospitals BIPAP machine or a portable device which you will take home with you?

    If it's any help to you, I am on portable CPAP a similar machine to BIPAP and can still read before going to sleep. The only thing I can't do is talk which really pleases my husband. I look like elephant woman with my 2 meter trunk however, I wouldn't give this up for all the tea in China. It has been a life saver, I feel so much better. In fact the pain in my joints and muscles halved after a few months of therapy.

    Choosing your mask is very important, there are 3 main types: full face mask, nasal mask and nasal pillows. I have nasal pillows therefore can wear my glasses without any problems. Have a look on for more information. Trust me, you will get used to this very quickly especially when you start to see positive results.

    Hope your feeling better.

  • Thank you for the information. I was on a diffrent mask this time one that gives so much percent oxygen Best wishes

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Take care

  • Thank you I'm absoloutley shattered hope I can sleep tonight would be lovely Best .wishes .

  • Fingers crossed that they finally sort something out for you this time, Margaret.

  • Would be really great if they can Billiejean need something doing take care .

  • Margaret, any news yet or even WiFi or else we're stuck eh? You're in the best place and the Doctors will sort things out this time.

    Thinking of you and also your Frank, Cx

  • Frank says thanks he has brought his wifi in but taking home and bringing back tomorrow Don't suppose I'll be going home then The Doctor said I was near to collapse and my sats have been a lot lower than that hope you are ok xx

  • Oh I'm doing ok considering I'm literally full of gas!

    I dont expect you will go home until they can sort out why your SATs keep dropping so low. Hospital is never nice but it sure would help you to get some answers,don't you think? I know lovely Frank will "connect you up" tomorrow, so until then, try and be gentle on yourself and let the Doctor's get you sorted out. Wishing you some sleep tonight, Cx

  • In my prayers....praying all will be well

  • Thank you for your prayers .

  • Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you so much X

  • God bless you, Margaret. Will be thinking of you. x

  • Thanks Molly appreciated x

  • Hoping you will feel better very soon.

  • Here's hoping because it's been a roller coaster 😷

  • God Bless. X

  • Thank you x

  • Hi there Time_2_drink - any luck with pain relief? Hopefully the ambulance medics will have given you something to make you more comfortable. Best wishes,Cx

  • They are pumping pure oxygen into me at the momment what is it with me hospitals and bank holidays just found out matron will have to re refer. Absolute fed up xx

  • The paperwork or imputting of data that Matron has to do is quite laughable....but can't criticise her because you need her on your side. It seems stupid that you just aren't on her books full stop.

  • I hope all is well with you Time _2_drink it's scary to hear about your trip to hospital

  • The disease is just so cruel and I wish I could get youngsters to stop smoking now xx

  • Hope they soon get you sorted out! Thinking of you. xx Moy

  • Thanks moy hope so xx

  • Dear Heart - you are in my thoughts & prayers to get well as soon as you are ready. Don't give up - we will be thinking of you every day.

    Large hug, Mary

  • Trying very hard to be positive but it's hard to keep it up sometimes thanks for hug X

  • Just so hope they can sort out the oxygen and sleeping problems and they don't push you out too soon. With love and blessings xx

  • When I was in a lady as sent home Wednesday Back in Saturday his is what worries me just chuck you out never mind what is going on with my sats etc. Xx

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