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Respiratory Track Infection VIRUS MITOSIS Under Microscope


Like really the little @&&&kj took some coughing up.

From what i could see with my microscope The Respiratory Track Infection VIRUS looked like a fluffy cloud as seen in top left picture.

I guess it left my ANTIBODY TOXIC body as antibiotics was interfering with its DEVIDE and CONQUER thingy.

In picture 1 that bit of yellow or orange is INFLAMMATION but as you can see its been hijacked as all would be yellow or orange.

Depending on your eyesight.

Picture 2 you can see cloud and load of lose cells oblong shape round cload.

Guess thats how coughed that up as cloud formation had been disrupted.

But what is shocking is HOW once left my body i.e Respiratory Track Infection VIRUS.

Oblong bits reformed to join cloud picture 3

Who why when on appearance there is no nuclease THEN like magic virus cloud was reformed.

Picture 4

Clearly a virus structure must be its weakness BUT dose not make any less infectious given how it reforms.

Guess trick is to causes a form of mitosis or reduce it to its virus components.

Defo be looking into this further AS to virus i used old school and incinerated slide after

Be NO coming back from that the little @&££@ as is toast :p

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How interesting xxx

Defo is ... not sure was worth suffering tho.

When i had finshed i give it what for JUST for us lung diseased :)

Looking further into virus cells could be rsv virus / influenza

Think thos in gov need to bring flu jabs for diseased in spring and not end of summer.

Yes interesting tho I think it's upper respiratory tract infection not track. Poll x

Hi Polly Cheers think your right there :)

Very scientific JAS and interesting. Xxxx

Hi sassy i coughed up and thought why not.

Is very resilient germ virus SO as was giving it goid eyeball thought a would share how the work.

Then i incinerated it and THAT was best bit :P

Hi, how interesting can I ask how you managed to get the blighter out !! I have been really struggling for the last 12 months more I suppose really just gradually getting worse I believe I have some kind of bacteria or blockage at the bottom of my airways so bad now it's causing so many problems , I think I can actually feel where the blockage is, I have had various abs tried different huffing etc I think I need a lair way clean if that's possible but my consultant says it's the nature of the beast, but it's so distressing all the time. Any suggestions gratefully received xx thanks xx

Hi thanks for reply WISH had all come out but is still there but not as bad.

The say we need to keep active walking or minor excersice so stuff like pneumonia don't set in

But i do my best but i need antibiotics and nebuliser and 7% Hypertonic saline.

I guess trying to stay active and ask doctor about nebuliser to get stuff moving.

7% hypertonic saline contains salt and you need to be checked if sutible as can suffer airway reaction.

Hi, Jeff, I do have a nebuliser and my ampules say 2.5% saline on them not really been explained to me ! No surprise there really, I take carbocystien also when I'm like this but at present I'm struggling to move because of the very compromised airway that seems to be blocked it's playing havoc with my digestion n bowels too !! I'm in a mess really I hate this damn disease, takes all your dignity too, thanks for the reply il follow any tips xx carol

Hi sorry to read about issues .. I to have issues with guts.

And was reading airway blockages are commen in our condition SO don't let anyone tell you other wise.

I was perscride hypertinic to help cut down in infection''s and help move gunk.

Lung clinic do procedure like water boarding but thats last resort stuff i hear and i would not like it.

But here is something intresting my dad eats only plain salted crisp AND every one in my house as this even our cat.

Now my dad is only one who as not had this virus.

Might be fact he dont smoke or salted crisp he eats.

What is strange is he's doctor said he suffering chronic anemia.

So he is prone to any infection.

So why he not got this

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Hi thanks for reply .. I did post other day but could not remmber name of that Carbocisteine mucus stuff.

Since you have been on them HAVE you had infectiins.

I have nebuliser and that makes mucus thin ITs jyst my throat last one stuck in guess it found chink in my amor.

Would been intresting to find out of others about mucus bacteriea viscosaty AFTER all must be something in my last post as chest ulcers infection's are thick n pussy.

O nearly forgot YER i would try Carbocisteine but i would keep stuff like that for emergancy i think

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