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CT Scan Report

This Is my Father's Report . Can You Please Suggest Anything About This Disease

"HRCT of the lung was carried out using high resolution reconstruction algorithm. In addition coronal

and sagittal reformatted images were also acquired. Imaging was performed on multi-slice (16 slices)

CT scanner and reporting was done at workstation. "


Shortness of breath

Known case of interstitial lung disease.

No films are available for comparison

Clinical Indication:


Mild bronchiectasis with patchy areas of fibrosis , ground glass haze and septal thickening identified in

bilateral lung fields slightly more pronounced in lung bases.

Mild honeycombing identified in sub pleural location of bilateral upper lobes .

Subtle ill defined nodularity is identified scattered in bilateral lung fields.

A well-defined pneumatocele identified in right lower lobe measuring 1x1 cm .

No evidence of pleural effusion or pneumothorax noted bilaterally.

No volume loss or air trapping seen.

Major airway appears patent.

Few mediastinal lymph nodes identified, largest in the precarinal location measures 11 mm, largest in

sub carinal location measures 10 mm and largest in pre vascular location measures 14 mm .

On appropriate bone window settings, mild degenerative changes seen in spine .

Above described appearances likely represent interstitial lung disease with super imposed infection.

Clinical and lab correlation is advised

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Text is too small to read. Could you copy/paste the text into the post?


Sounds like he as both restictive and obstuctive lung diseases.

Am no expert by any means BUT if that was MY report i would be asking about infection or cancer

I guess the perscride short course antbiotics and further test in month or two.

Sound bit like my stuff i have going on ..


You really need to speak to your dad's GP if your dad's happy with that ...They can go through in detail with you so you can understand it .Nobody on this site is qualified to give you advice regards the report. I know it can be a worry when we see wording that's medically orientated but seek advice from a professional hope you get sorted with things good luck Angie xxx


Is your dad under a respiratory consultant?would be unusual for a GP to refer for High Image CT,either way as Angie says nobody should even try to evaluate your report on this forum.You will definately need to consult with the person who instigated the CT,Wishing you and of course your dad the best for the future.......skis


Let me start by saying that I am no expert but one thing standing out to me is 'ground glass'. I have DIPNECH and one of the signs of it on CT scans is ground glass appearance. Tell it to anyone with DIPNECH and they will tell you the same. However it is extremely rare, only about 100 people worldwide with it. But just something to consider when asking questions of your GP


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