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Hi everybody. Some of you may have seen my post 10 days ago about a dodgy member sending messages asking that you contact him via email.


This person has now returned and made a membership 4 times under different names. The latest has just been restricted again and is awaiting being banned by HU.

Please do not respond to Private Messages from people who ask for your email address or ask you to contact them via email. Within the message (top right) you will see three dots (...). If you click on that you can report the message to HealthUnlocked and they will then be able to get rid of him again. Please stay aware and keep safe.



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  • Thanks mrsm will keep my eyes open. Xxx

  • Thanks mrsmummy he's persistent isn't he?

  • Yes. Maybe getting a little desperate as his scam is not working? Let's hope he gives up soon.

  • Noted. Will keep an eye out.

  • Had 2 one last month reported and this morning reported poor lonley man I think not lol xx

  • Is it just women he is targeting?

  • Good question. In his earlier membership he contacted both men and women. So everyone is at risk because it is a scam trying to get your personal details by promising a share of a fictitious inheritance. You are at no risk if you do not respond but PLEASE report and help safeguard other members.

  • He wasn't offering me money lol dread to think if somone vulnerable answers these tragic ppl that scam 😢

  • Anyone you don't know offering money is a scam. Thanks for the warning.

  • He was more subtle than that but was asking that he be contacted via his private email. Only then did he talk about an inheritance. :)

  • That makes a difference certainly, you have to be very wary these days. Thank you.

  • He has been restricted so cannot send new messages. This was to warn those of you who may have received one before his restriction and also to warn that although he is being banned he does keep returning with a different name and then starts again. Of course we do not know until someone gets a message and reports it.

  • Done that for the one I had this morning reported it I mean x

  • I have received unwanted messages and also tagged onto me as a follower..... no intention of replying and will report it as you suggested Mrs Mummy. Xxx

  • Thanks pegbi.

  • Me too sam

  • Same for me peg - have already reported it.

  • Thanks O2Trees.


  • Very frightening, there is a lot of weird people out there, and a lot of very trusting people too.

  • If you receive a message which seems odd in any way please use the three dots at the top right (...) to report it to HealthUnlocked who will check it out and ban any dodgy members. It is rare here but we do get some.

  • I had one and thought it was odd so deleted without replying 😊

  • If you get any more please use the three dots (top right) inside the message to report it to HU. Cheers.

  • Yep. I received one 21 hours ago.

    He's been promoted to a U.S. General now. 😳 Reported to HU.

  • !!!!!!!!! x

  • This is a different problem and different member. Please report the message.

  • Yes, I have done mrsM.

    Have no intention of replying or using his offered email address. He posted a few days ago as a Captain.

    The mind boggles, my avatar is a dog!

  • :D

  • This one is now also banned, peege.

  • Thank you, MrsMummy, for the warning.

  • Scammers on here? How sad. Glad I am so cynical sometimes

  • They are rare on here which is why I found it notable enough to post about it.

  • Geez what were the names he used? I hope I didn't talk to him

  • They both used messaging rather than posting and both asked for email addresses. One was a scam and another seems to be looking for a girl friend. I cannot give their names publicly.

  • Oh ok I never received a email so that's good

    Thank you

  • Thank you x

  • Wasn't Edward Norton in the film 'Fight Club' attending self help meetings for various illnesses for company etc? But then he was, well, completely bonkers. Life imitating art once again. It is a very strange world.

  • Yes, thanks MM...I would never have thought someone would bother us here. Guess I'm naive. I'm not on much anymore, but it's comforting to know you all are here.

  • Nice to see you popping in. :)

  • I will never forget how everyone helped me here when my friends and family didn't understand what I was going through. I'll love you all forever and wonder how everyone is doing. I check in about weekly. Until you have a few episodes when you think that you'll die any second for lack of air, you just can't imagine....and I believe my friends here that have anxiety, have very good reason to;...I was afraid to go far from home, to hike, visit family, anything because I was afraid of an attack of no breath. I'm lucky to find out it was allergies, but I have a sincere concern for anyone else in this situation.

    I'll hang around like a hair in a biscuit, scone to you Brits....ya'll take care.


  • :) That is exactly how I felt when I first arrived here. This place saved my life. :)

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